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Nov 18, 2013 09:51 AM

Replacement for Jean-Claude

Hey all,

So, I'm in mourning since my favorite restaurant, Jean-Claude, has closed. Could anyone recommend something similar, low key, charming, great food and does not break the bank?


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  1. Oh no, did both locations in UES and Soho close?

    Le Philosophe and Benoit would good replacements.

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    1. re: darren425

      I did not know they had an UES location, actually. Not meaning to be a downtown snob, but I rarely venture above 23rd St. Thanks for the recs. I guess by "not break the bank" I meant entrees that hew closer to the $20 mark rather than the $30 mark.

    2. Have you been to La Sirene in soho? Its feels very neighborhood-y, is BYOB and generous entrees. Cash only

      1. Hi Nokitsch, I too am mourning the closing of Jean Claude in soho, it was such a great spot and consistently good!

        A nearby option would be Bistro Le Amis which has a great prix fixe deal. +1 for Le Philosophe but its a bit pricier I think entrees in the high 20s.

        1. I second Bistro Les Amis. It's been consistently better than Jean Claude for years.