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Nov 18, 2013 09:41 AM

Anything new/ good in Kingston/Richmond?

Been a couple of yrs since there were suggestions for this area. Am here for a week & have some dinners lined up in London, but need to be out here a few nights. Help!

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  1. Very close to Kingston is this popular place. I haven't been for several years, but the cooking is usually spot on.

    Kingston itself seems filled with every chain restaurant imaginable... and not much else, but if you want a decent hamburger or like Jamie's, then there's lots to choose from.

    1. I read a very good review of the Dysart recently, not been myself.

      1. In Richmond:

        The Bingham for highish end modern Brit.

        La Buvette - Brit owned and cheffed but very French

        Saffron - town centre Persian

        Just over the river in Twickenham:

        Tangawizi - posh Indian, with an African spin (owning family are expelled east African asians)

        In nearby Kew:

        Kew Grill - Last remaining (?) part of Worrall Thompson's empire - but very decent steaks in spite of.

        Palmyra - decent enough Lebanese. I was there only the other week. Still good food. Still no customers.

        1. Bacco is a great-to-excellent neighbourhood Italian restaurant. They make all of their own fresh pasta; carbonara i had was one of the best id ever tried. Extremely gregarious hosts.