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Nov 18, 2013 09:25 AM

Caldo Verde - can't find hard spanish-style chorizo - just uncooked mexican

I'm trying to make caldo verde (sausage & collard green stew, Portuguese recipe) but we couldn't find any hard cured linguica or chorizo sausage - just the soft mexican-style sausage. Anyone used this as a substitute? should I cook it whole first or cut up and brown the pieces uncooked? any other tips?

… basically following a Cook's Illustrated recipe but they don't offer any guidance on the sausage.

also for future reference .. good places to find authentic linguica sausage to buy in SF?

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  1. Mexican chorizo is tasty but nothing like Spanish chorizo. I don't think it would be a good substitute. It can also be fatty, and contain cereal filler..mostly it is for a little flavoring in tacos or enchiladas; eggs, etc. When you cook it .. it will be more like highly seasoned ground beef; typically not staying formed when cut up. The seasoning is disimilar, as well. Hope this helps. Don't know about buying in SF but there are many online sources for Spanish chorizo; many made in USA like Aurelia's in Texas.

    1. I wouldn't use the mexican chorizo - the flavors will be off. Not in SF, but I'm in SoCal and my Ralph's sells linguica in the meat department, I've also seen it frozen at some Asian markets that carry Japanese items (since the Hawaiians use linguica and Japanese products often).

      1. Whole Foods has Spanish chorizo in the deli section.

        1. I made that recipe and it was great.

          I live in Los Angeles, and Spanish chorizo is not hard to find here. It is kind of expensive, however, and that's actually good news for you. Why? Because it means if you buy it from Amazon, you won't be paying more than I do :)

          This is my favorite one, because it is less sour and more smoky than most. It's also a drier sausage, so it releases less oil (but the oil it does release is incredibly rich and flavorful). I love using this chorizo for the CI paella recipe.

          Also, this company (also based in So. Cal) makes and imports a dizzying array of Spanish meats and cheeses, though as I said before I prefer Palacio

          Mr Taster

          1. I would not substitute Mexican Chorizo, different texture and spices.

            You should be able to find Silva's linguisa in all chain/major supermarkets.

            Silva is a Nor Cal Brand, Gilroy CA I think.

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              Agree, I would not use Mexican Chorizo, I use Silva linguisia when I make it.