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Nov 18, 2013 09:24 AM

toqueville v Italian

I have birthday dinner reservations for my husband this Thursday eve at Toqueville but I'm getting cold feet; my husband really likes food with Asian influences, but he LOVES Italian. What's a hidden gem special occasion Italian we could check out? I was thinking about Maialino but no reservations available. Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been a huge fan of Tocqueville for a little while now (but a lot of people still love it), that being said; no reservations at Maialino via opentable or did you call? Is Del Posto more than you would care to spend?

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      No reservations via Open Table - I will try calling. I am not opposed to the price at Del Posto if it's totally worth it - thoughts? Do you recommend one over the other? We had a tremendous birthday dinner a few years ago at Babbo and it's still our standard.

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        Do you mean Maialino over Del Posto? No, both good in their ways, but I think Del Posto is more celebratory, meaning I would go there for a special occassion before Maialino.

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          +2 for Lincoln. Beautiful and elegant space as well, without the possibly over-extravagance of Del Posto.

      1. Food at Tocqueville is very good but very one note, at least from my experience.

        I have been trying to convince everyone to go check out Lincoln lately. I had an amazing meal not too long ago.

        1. Thanks everyone for the recs! Lincoln sounds wonderful, putting it on the list for next trip. Del Posto is perfect because we are staying in the neighborhood, can take a nighttime stroll on the high line, and the 100 layer lasagna will be divine - lasagna is hub's favorite. The five course tasting strikes me as not unreasonable at $126 - but is the wine tasting ($155) only available with the 8 course captain's tasting? That price point to accompany a five course tasting would be extravagant.

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            My advice would be to give the Sommelier a price point and ask to have wines paired to the 5 course.

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              So, what was the final decision? and how was it?

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                Sadly, I can't report on how the food was: we decided on Del Posto, but I ended up being very ill with a nasty virus and unable to eat (I can attest first hand that the toilets and bathrooms are clean!) My husband hurried through a few courses - octopus and chickpeas, which he liked; 100 layer lasagna, which he said was "very good" but overhyped; and a Flinstonian veal chop. Under those conditions, I think it's hard to judge the food, because you're not eating in a relaxed manner.

                I will make these comments about the decor and service: it feels like you're in a huge cruise ship dining hall, with the wide staircase and the circular upper level balconies perching over the lower level. It's quite nice for that kind of thing, but not our style. On the service: waiters were *everywhere*. I couldn't get over it. Often two or three fussing over a single table. You never didn't see waiters. And yet, we had to ask twice for a ginger ale, which our waiter informed us was in the "queue" (note: it was a bottle of Canada Dry). Very slow even though we let the waiter know I was sick and we wanted to make it a quick meal.

                All in all, we might consider going back for the tasting experience; but we are still blown away by the meal we had at Babbo's two and a half years ago and the charming atmosphere there. I'd probably plan our next celebratory New York Italian meal there, with Lincoln as a back up.

                Thanks for everyone's inputs!