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Sunday morning "hang out and read the paper" restaurant?

Last Sunday my girlfriend and I tried to think of a restaurant where we could read the paper and work for a couple of hours. We wanted a place that serves a decent breakfast/brunch -- doesn't have to be fantastic -- and large enough (or unpopular enough) that we could hang out for a few hours without inconveniencing the staff or patrons wanting seating. Ideally it would be a place with booths large enough to spread out a few papers, an electrical outlet or two, and a menu with breakfast/lunch, not just coffee. We live in Mid-City near LACMA but we'd drive a ways to find this Nirvana of Sunday bliss, and tip generously. Any suggestions?

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  1. Nicks or cjs on pico

    bit further but hals on abbot kinney rarely a wait, free basket of muffins/scones, terrific eggs benedict and potatos...very chill

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      Nick's is great, but there are often people waiting for seating. Tables at CJs and Hal's are less in demand?

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        never waited at hals. never waited more than 10 minutes at cjs or nicks. Guess going a bit earlier would be preferrable. Once i met tone loc outside nicks while i was waiting...funky cold medina.

    2. O'Brien's Irish Pub on Wilshire opens around 9am and is perfect, as long as the NY Giants are not playing, it'll get loud when they plan. They will cater to your lounging and have pretty good food, WIFI and plugins' and nice booths to spread out.

      1. Literati at Wilshire/Bundy. Sunday might be a little more busy since lots of people seem to come in later in the morning for a post-Saturday-evening-revelry recovery. But the food is decent (I wouldn't call it anything more for the prices they charge), there are definitely electrical outlets, and they have a couple of spots that are almost booths (and a decent outdoor patio).

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          Literati's just fine w/ people camped out there and seemed to have arranged their cafe just for that explicit purpose. ::shrug::

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            Yeah, Literati is definitely the spot for lingering and lingering and lingering.

        2. Not sure which place might be the answer, but in the original Farmer's Market, there is PLENTY of open seating all over the place. You could purchase food from one or more vendors, and relocate to an area not overly crowded by fellow diners.
          Earlier would always be better.

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            For a similar reason I read the entire Sunday paper at Philippe's in DTLA. There is lots of room to spread the paper around.

            On weekends, I'm invariably there for breakfast and, if on Saturday, I add a large bowl of Cream of Broccoli Soup which is a fav.

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              How long does it take you to read the entire Sunday paper ?

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                Depends. I could take hours …. but you know what I meant anyway.

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                  I did.

                  Just curious since I'm such a slow reader that it would take me hours, even if I'm skimming through numerous portions of it.

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                I second the rec of O'Brien's on Wilshire in SM. I often go there to watch a game, but will bring the paper and/or some work to do while keeping track of the game. Of course, most games last 2 - 3 hours, but I'll have a few drinks or a bite to eat, and it's very comfy. And the food is very good. Good place to spread out and relax. ;-)

                1. You might give Victor's Deli in the Beachwood area a try.

                  1. Folks, we removed a pretty big debate about whether working/camping in restaurants is appropriate. It's a bigger issue than just LA and one that's taking over this thread.

                    It would be totally fine to have that discussion on Not About Food if people want to start that debate (and we'd be happy to email you your posts from this thread if you want them back in order to start that conversation, just email us at moderators@chowhound.com ), but we'd ask that you please focus on offering local suggestions here. If you don't think there are any places where this is acceptable, it's probably best to move onto to the next thread.

                    1. One more thought from the OP: some restaurants have seating areas they don't use much. For example, I remember that Dolores coffee shop on Santa Monica used the back half of the restaurant only at peak hours. I wonder if a place with that kind of arrangement would tolerate patrons occupying a quiet corner. But Dolores is closed, I believe.