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Nov 18, 2013 07:57 AM

Mekenita (Land O Lakes)

Had a regrettable meal at Mekenita recently. Hadn't been in some years, was passing by and gave it another try. all of the food was lukewarm and seemed reheated. overpriced for the quality of their Gringo-fied Mexican food.

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  1. I feel better now about driving past the place recently on my way to grab a couple big slices of pepperoni at Marchello's and to peruse the Home Goods cookware department... I actually felt a pang of guilt that I was being a bad foodie... My one visit to Mekenita a couple years ago was just ok... I was hoping for a Rick Bayless bump in flavor and creativity but the two things I ordered that day didn't grab the advantage over the hole-in-the-wall classics we know and love...