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Nov 18, 2013 07:21 AM

Sydney/Auckland on a budget

Hi! I'm looking forward to my first trip to Australia and New Zealand next week and am just looking to get some ideas of places to eat. I'll be staying in Potts Point while in Sydney and near the University of Auckland while there. I will say, I'm not against walking a distance for good food but this is a 3 week trip (with some time spend in Northland as well) so I want to make the money last so low to mid priced places would be ideal. Any tips on good places to go? I'm up for all types of food. Thanks!!!

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  1. Hi- Hope I am not to late. Chinatown in Sydney makes some great eating experiences. You can get really authentic meals for under $10. There is also a good vietnamese bahn mi sandwich place on George St. Many of the lebanese/turkish place in the city make great stuffed Pide and you can buy large slices of pizza for around $3 as well.