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Nov 18, 2013 05:51 AM

Dinner Near Sleep No More

We are doing Sleep No More on Sunday night and will need to eat a somewhat early dinner before the show. There will be 3 of us and we are looking for a mid-range, casual dinner. We enjoy all cuisines but will have a vegetarian with us so would like to stay away from meat-centric places.

I was considering Gramercy Tavern but I am open to other recs. TIA.

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  1. We've gone to Trestle on Tenth prior to SNM and it's worked out well; my GF is a vegetarian and she was good with it.

    1. You'll probably want to grab a bite somewhere nearby and get in line by 30 minutes before the first entry time so you don't miss music.

      Ovest down the street has an aperitivo hour. Very close by, salads, pizzas.

      Sleep No More staggers entry times but people who arrive later don't get any more show for their money. And you get let in in batches, so there's going to be a bit of waiting in line beforehand. Get in line well before your official "entry time." I'd be in line by 7 on weekdays, 7:30 on weekends.

        1. re: thegforceny

          Txikito doesn't have many vegetarian options at dinner....(unless she is a fish eating "vegetarian")

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            You're right - there seems to always be an anchovy or cured tuna thrown into otherwise vegetarian dishes. (Not that I have a problem with that.)

            1. re: thegforceny

              I'm just not sure if they would be nice about omitting the fish element (some places ***ahem momofuku***) are difficult about any modifications- i would suggest the OP call first before going, i love their food myself

        2. Heath just opened at the McKittrick from what I've heard, you can only get in currently with reservations for SNM, the jazz band or the club, Heathen.

          A coworker went to a friends & family event two weekends ago and was blown away by the food. Don't know how useful this info will be but maybe give them (the McKittrick) a call and see what they say.

          Otherwise, I enjoy Ovest a lot, and it's across the street from SNM entrance.