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Nov 18, 2013 05:50 AM

Popover Pan

Can a popover pan be used for cupcakes or muffins?

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  1. I don;t see why not, although there is nothing for the spillover to grab onto so make sure you don;t overfill the cups. Because of the construction of the pan, it will just spill over the side of the cup and perhaps onto the oven floor (depending upon how overfull they are)

    1. Problem is they're too tall. But maybe if you raised the height with something like beans or foil on bottom of each, and used paper muffin cups, it could work. As mentioned by other post, you'd also want a sheet pan underneath to catch any spills.

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        You could fill them only partifully full, but they'd be more cylindrical. You might also have to cook for a shorter time as the popover pans are often a bit narrower than muffin tins. It can't hurt to try...