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Nov 18, 2013 05:07 AM

AQ or Rich Table. Also safe to walk to AQ at night? [San Francisco]

Hi guys,

so i'll be visiting SF this december for holidays. Just looking for opinions on AQ or Rich Table. Rich Table is a bit of a trek from my hotel, and AQ is fairly close by.

Also, i notice AQ is on mission st. Is it safe to walk to AQ at night? I'll be staying near union square.


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  1. It's not truly that bad over there, in my opinion. Just don't walk down 6th Street and you should be fine.

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    1. re: dunstable

      Sixth St. isn't as bad as it used to be. There are a bunch of restaurants and bars that attract non-skid-row patrons: Miss Saigon, Dottie's, the cleaned-up Tu Lan, Pearl's, Cancun etc. Last time I walked through there was even a doorman with a velvet rope.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Yeah I don't personally think it's that bad either, but when directing a tourist, may as well tell them to avoid it.

        1. re: dunstable

          6th Street isn't so much dangerous as gross.

    2. I think the question is safe vs. comfortable. It is not a nice, comfortable walk. You are on major traffick-y streets, a lot of the homeless congregate in that area etc.

      Will you actually get assaulted? Probably not, overall crime rates are low, and that's not an area where random shootings occur, but I wouldn't feel comfortable walking there from Union Square alone.

      I appreciate what AQ does (mildly experimental/molecular Californian cuisine), but it didn't fully "work" for me. My understanding is Rich Table is less technique experimental.

      1. I am a big fan of Rich Table, and from Union Square you can pick up any of the underground Muni lines at Powell, get off at Van Ness, and have a brief walk to the restaurant.

        1. Re: AQ

          Are you walking alone? Are you male/female?

          If I were alone (female) or two females, it wouldn't be the most pleasant of walks with uncomfortable catcalls from homeless people and other randoms down there.

          If you do decide to walk, go up Market until 7th, then down 7th. Don't go down Mission around 6th.

          1. It's absolutely fine to walk alone if you use your common sense. Nobody's going to mess with you if you don't start anything with them. I was just there the other night (yes, female walking alone) and parked my car on 6th st. and it was fine.

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            1. re: jtikky

              Saturday night (2 am so was actually Sunday) 2 females were sitting in a car in a parking lot at 6th & Jessie. Another car backed up and hit the front of their car and the bumper fell off.
              Words were exchanged and the "bad guys" shot the 2 women, one is dead and the other is in critical condition. Bad guys took off, no arrests.

              Even in the best areas of SF there are a lot of smart phone thefts, I heard that one woman got her jaw broken when they grabbed her phone.

              1. re: walker

                This has been happening a lot in the USF area. My friend's girlfriend is a law student there, and she is constantly getting informed about recent muggings, despite that it is ostensibly a safe neighborhood.

                1. re: walker

                  That was right after the bars closed. That kind of nonsense has happened in North Beach near bars that attract a certain crowd.

                  Any crime map will show you that muggers work where the money is.