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Nov 18, 2013 12:02 AM

Who sells brined turkey breasts?

I'm debating turkey breast vs pork roast for Thanksgiving.

Does anyone sell turkey breasts that are already brined?

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  1. Most turkey breasts not sold in styrofoam trays are already brined (or rather, injected).

    I cooked a small Honeysuckle White turkey roast last week that I was fairly impressed with. This was only 2-3lbs but they come in weights up to 7lbs and have a just white, or white+dark meat option. Perfect for people who don't want to fuss with a whole turkey or insist on stuffing in the bird (I insist on stuffing a bird).


    1. HEB will brine turkeys. I saw it on their website. You might want to check if it is location specific or if you can even find non-brined / injected breasts.

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        This seems awfully unusual that a grocer would offer that "service", especially from a safety perspective. Most (all?) of the turkeys they sell are already brined (injected) with something anyway.

        1. re: sqwertz

          Check out their website. I'm not lying.

          **Brined Turkey
          Pressed for time? We brine! Brining a turkey helps make it moist and flavorful, especially for frying. H-E-B Old Fashioned Brined Fresh Turkey is available for order at our Meat Market counter**

          Maybe they do inject? But it sounds like they are brining to order. I was surprised too.

          Disclaimer: I do not work for HEB.

            1. re: thymetobake

              They're either buying these co-branded with their name on them or preparing/packaging them at their central meat facility in San Antonio - where they do a lot of that stuff to other meats.

              By "old fashioned" I assume they're actually brining them rather than injecting them. Or at least that's what they'd like us to believe. I'm going there soon so I'll see if they have any in the cases or ask about them.

        2. Saw this on Dai Due today:

          Porchetta A Black Hill Ranch pork loin, cut so the belly remains attached, which is then brined, then stuffed with rosemary, fennel fronds, elephant garlic, black pepper and olive oil, then rolled and tied. Slow roast this amazing cut, then rest well and slice, making sure to save the delicious perfumed drippings for cooking potatoes or greens.
          Click to order

          $24/lb. 2-4 lb roasts.

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          1. re: chispa_c


            Thanks so much. I ordered the last one earlier this week, then braved the elements to pick it up today from Dai Due at the very cold and wet downtown Farmer's Market.

            Looks beautiful, is vacupacked, should be yummy.

          2. This year I reserved a Mary's turkey breast from Wheatsville Co-op


            I'll brine it with their poultry brine which we've enjoyed on many of their in-store roasted chickens. Wheatsville Co-op has the most moist roasted chicken for re-using in other recipes.

            Wheatsville said "All local organic Coyote Creek turkeys have been reserved. For a comparable turkey, we suggest ordering Mary’s Free Range Heritage Breed."

            Update from last year:

            The Dai Due porchetta was good, but I would not do it again. It seemed like very little meat for the $. I remember
            1) wishing I had just stuffed a pork tenderloin.
            2) the scant leftovers were quite delicious