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Nov 17, 2013 08:00 PM

Smoked Olives On Sale?

Found the oil @ Gourmet Warehouse would be nice to find Olives as well-Thanks.

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  1. Try Duso's in Granville Island.

    1. Bought some huge ones at Mediterranean Specialties on Commercial.

      Before I saw them, though, I smoked my own with a wok and a rack bought at a thrift store and Gourmet Warehouse's wood chips.

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      1. re: repartee

        Thanks to everyone-Yes Duso's does have them and they are Huge!

        Big bruiser Olives with a big smokey flavour-absolutely delicious but not for everyone-delicate taste buds need not apply.

        I can definitely see these with certain Cheeses and Garlic laden Hummus.