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Nov 17, 2013 07:33 PM

Jean-Georges or Del Posto for 30th birthday dinner?

If you were given the choice of Jean-Georges or Del Posto to celebrate your 30th birthday, which would you choose? We have reservations at both, and I was given the choice...

I'm leaning towards Del Posto, because it seems more romantic, fun and interesting. Am I leaning in the right direction?


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  1. I think Jean-Georges provides a more sophisticated dining experience.

    That said, the 2 are really sort of different on a very basic level, right? French versus Italian.

    If you have no preference, then just based on cooking technique and execution and culinary sophistication, I would say Jean-Georges would be my choice. And depending on where you are sitting the room and view can be stunning. (And I say all of this not even being a fan of the ugly step-child next door, which should be avoided even if you're on an unlimited expense account.)

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      You're talking about Nougatine? I've enjoyed my dining experience there more than some visits to Jean George.

      I think it depends on the OP's personal taste more than anything, but Jean George doesn't strike me as a turning 30 kind of place, even if the place is all around a better suggestion.

    2. Two different types of restaurants. You cant go wrong with either. Both top tier. JG the service is very stiff. Enjoy whichever you pick.

      1. What others have said about the restaurants being different.

        However, I don't like the marshmallows they give at JG, and prefer the candies and cookies at Del Posto a lot more.

        Are you just getting their lunch deal, or would you be going for the full tasting? I would go to whichever one was more convenient. I know, not helpful.

        1. I'd choose Del Posto. I think it's more fun. JG, while has a nice dining room and the best service staff I've ever seen, can be a bit stuffy and cold for 30th b'day.

          1. I've celebrated birthdays at Jean-Georges but if you want a warm, romantic room, then definitely go to Del Posto.

            As for food, Jean-Georges is more innovative, leaning towards Asian flavor accents and the techniques of nouvelle cuisine, Del Posto is all about high-end ingredients sourced from Italy prepared in a somewhat simpler manner. Both menus are delicious.

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              Definitely agree about the two restaurants being so drastically different that it really depends on what the OP is looking for.

              I would personally choose Del Posto based on the ambiance and service, it's much more comfortable and romantic. The style of cooking is different but both great - I'm sure you'd enjoy the food wherever you choose.