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Nov 17, 2013 06:09 PM

What happened to that restaurant at Tyson's that used to be Slade's?

Doing some mall business, and being hungry, we thought of stopping in for a light meal and a beer at the place that used to be Slade's.

Nope, nothing there (except the Tyson's-labeled generic wall covering that covers also the empty spots (like the one next to La Madeleine).

Anybody know what happened? I know what happened (it closed) but was just curious when and why.

Signed, Miss Nosy.

PS Luciano's had a pretty good calzone (light crispy crust and not doughy). The staff was not the A-team, though. (Sunday evening!). Also, Gordon Biersch did not even have the C-team at the hostess stand.

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  1. The latest incarnation was called "Norton's American Grill & Bar".