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Nov 17, 2013 05:43 PM

Now that Stop and Shop has pulled out of NH, any items you miss?

The one in Bedford had a kosher bakery and a good selection of Parve products. They also carried Boar's Head deli.

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  1. The Meat House sells Boar's Head, so at least you can still find that.

    1. I do not miss Stop & Shop at all.
      I can find all that I need with Market Basket and the others.

      1. I miss being able to run into Stop & Shop in Bedford and/or Manchester for the convenience factor. Their self-checkout was faster than the express lines at Hannafords or Market Basket too.

        I liked S&S plain meatless spaghetti sauce when in a pinch (I doctor it up ok) and the S&S seltzer water would always be on sale (we'd buy about 24 1-liter bottles a week). But I can buy some when down in MA and stock up.

        We are still well stocked on some stuff from the half off sale before closing. :)

        I can't take Market Basket's zoo status when it's packed and I'm in a hurry!

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          Since you buy so many seltzer waters on a regular basis, you might want to really look into getting a soda stream. We got one, and obtained an adapter that lets us use CO2 cartridges used for paintball guns, so we're able to refill the carts much more cheaply, so it's an even better deal.

          1. re: Morganna

            Great recommendation, we just got the adapter, which actually pays for itself with the first refill. Although I find that the bubbles are different with the paintball canister. They seem to be bigger and, well, more bubbly.

        2. Veal stew meat. Have tried Hannaford, Shaws, MB -- no luck.

          Boneless leg of lamb -- ditto.

          Fresh naan.

          Talenti salted caramel gelato.

          CPK Thai peanut chicken pizza.