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Nov 17, 2013 05:32 PM

Tokyo's 3 Michelin starred Sushi Yoshitake to open a NY branch?

Hi NY chowhounders!
I have recently moved from New York to Hong Kong, and dined at Sushi Shikon (すし志魂) in Hong Kong, which is the first overseas brach of Tokyo's 3 Michelin starred Sushi Yoshitake. After its opening in Hong Kong, Sushi Shikon received 2 Michelin stars this year.

Unlike before, the restaurant now serves only one omakase, which costs HK$3,500, or approx. U$500 after tax and tip. Yes, the price is steep compared to some of New York's best sushiyas like 15 East, Sushi Nakazawa, or Ichimura. This is because lots of Sushi Shikon's ingredients are air-flown from Japan to Hong Kong, hence higher transportation costs, whereas New York's sushiyas can source many ingredients locally.

I was served female snow crab with crab roe gelee, steamed abalone with abalone liver sauce (later they dropped a ball of sushi rice onto the liver sauce to mix all together and it was divine), among other things. Their sushi rice (shari) was to my liking too. Neither mushy nor dry and hard.

One of the two chefs at Sushi Shikon, both dispatched from Tokyo's Sushi Yoshitake, chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma, said he used to live in Atlanta and worked briefly in New York, so he knows chef Sotohiro of Soto too.

He said Sushi Yoshitake plans to expand to major cities worlwide, and next target city will probably be New York. Although I am not sure if they will keep this price level of $500 in NY as well, it will be a good news if they figure out to lower the price via local sourcing of ingredients in NY, where lots of good quality seafoods exist.

* More photos:

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  1. ah i forgot to comment about this in the China & Southeast Asia board...would be cool if they did, the Tokyo restaurant is very very good