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Nov 17, 2013 05:19 PM

Mushroom Bisque in Atlantic or Ocean County?

Does anyone know of a restaurant in these areas that makes mushroom bisque regularly and well? I've been craving it and all my searches have turned up nothing. I do make my own sometimes (since I know some of you will tell me to do just that), but I'd like to try someone else's. Thank you!

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  1. I think you're in for a long haul trying to find someone who does go 'beyond the call' for mushroom bisque in the area you cited - maybe a restaurant that's doing locally sourced menus. Perhaps, you should look towards Princeton/Hopewell area. I've had the Poricini mushroom soup at the Blue Bottle Cafe which was excellent and I believe that it's a fairly regular food item - especially in fall/winter.

    When Joe Romanowski was still with us and he made a batch of his signature mushroom bisque as the soup of the day, I considered the stars and planets to be aligned. He could have had any number of terrific delectable appetizers that day, but when he made soup, that's what you ordered as he put his heart and soul into them. His mushroom soup was extraordinary. Anyone remember or ever have?

    Good luck and let us know should you find.

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    1. have you tried to make it at home...shouldn't be too difficult?

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          Seems that was covered in the OP...