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Nov 17, 2013 04:42 PM

recommendations for a weekend trip outside DC?

My apologies if this has been covered recently, but I didn't see a thread on it.

My girlfriend and I are looking to take a weekend away -- likely two nights -- within a 2 hour (maybe, at most, 3?) drive of DC. We like good, interesting food. And small towns to explore by day. Similar prior weekend trips have included Charlottesville, Philadelphia, Annapolis, Leonardtown, and Mercersburg. We're looking to do something different this time.

Any genre of food is of interest to us, we just like stuff that is good. Price is totally open, so we don't mind spending $35 or $350 for dinner. (Though, probably not Inn at Little Washington prices, as we'll save that for some time more special.)

Where would you recommend we go, and what restaurants would you suggest along the way? I would love B&B or hotel recs too, but any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Shepherdstown, WV! I went to college there and enjoy going back for the day or weekend. I like The Bavarian Inn (hotel and restaurant), The Yellow Brick Bank, and The Blue Moon Cafe. The Blue Moon is a casual, low cost, quirky cafe YBB is more mid range (my husband loves the salmon) and The Bavarian Inn is mid to high end- the French onion soup is fantastic.

    1. -St. Michael's is a nice weekend. Lots of nice seafood there and nice to walk around.

      -friends of mine often go to Nemacolin Woods for the weekend and love it. I have not been, but I listen to them go on and on about how wonderful it was, so it must be pretty good. They stay at the resort and go to the various restaurants there

      -the Greenbrier has a loyal following too- nice to relax and can get any food custom made for you.

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        It's funny... I was thinking of nemacolin too but not staying there. There is the cutest little mom and pop lodge nearby in Chalk Hill PA called the Chalk Hill Lodge (go figure!) you can get a room w/ a little deck overlooking the lake, the rooms are clean as a pin and it's right next door to a winery! You can go to Nemacolin for a nice dinner and/or golf/spa; laurel caverns is nearby as is Ohiopyle state park which has hiking, canoeing, whitewater rafting and some funky little places to eat. Last time we went there was a festival in nearby Confluence and there was a table with Amish people selling the most AWESOME baked goods! It was a fun, active, different INEXPENSIVE (well except a meal at nemacolin if you do that) but you don't need to...there are taverns & a little place in the next town of hopwood called sun porch; it's a diner type place with a buffet of wonderful homemade foods & a great salad bar. for anyone who wants a fairly close getaway that won't break the bank and gives you a peak at 'real america' I highly recommend this trip! you can easily do all this in a 2 night stay.

      2. Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Go to Lot 12 for a great dinner.

        1. If you haven't explored Baltimore, there's plenty to eat up there. Woodberry Kitchen, Salt, and Charleston on the high end, corned beef row and pit beef on the lower end. I like the Walters Art Gallery and the Visionary Arts Museum has stuff you can't find anywhere else.

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            Now that you remind me of AVAM, the perfect time for us to visit Baltimore would be next May for the kinetic sculpture race weekend. That was a wild event.

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              The Baltimore Museum of Art (basically on the campus of Johns Hopkins University) combines art, food, and interesting shopping in one package. The restaurant is named Gertrude's and its brunches are particularly delicious.

              Here's the link to Gertrude's:

            2. Thanks to everyone for suggestions so far. Lots of good ones for us to explore. And please send any more. We try to do a weekend away every 3 to 4 months, so having a list of places for the future is quite welcome.

              Re Bmore, I actually lived there for a year (right in the Sotta Sopra building), so I hadn't put that on the list. But you are right, the city is quite fascinating, and my gf has spent little time there. That is certainly something we should do soon.