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Nov 17, 2013 04:28 PM

Old cooking shows

I am trying to recall the names of a few. There was a show, in the 80's I believe, that rotated 3 or 4 chefs. The set looked clinical, with a lot of stainless steel. The chef came out from the left, and worked on the left side of the kitchen, while his or her assistant's worked at a central console. I recall two tall blonde chefs, one male with a ponytail ( nordic ) and a woman with roundish cheeks. Yes, hard to believe I don't remember the name...I think it aired Saturday night, before the Leafs game, on City tv...

The other one is more recent, where the show started on a farm, and ended with a cooking portion. The chef had a high forehead and hair that stood up on end...had to be around two inches high.

Any help would be appreciated...not every show I liked has vids on youtube, but many do, and my library is growing...

Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: magic

      you nailed it. OMG thanks...I kept searching farm to table, as that was the premise, but it never lead me there. Thanks a ton. Hopefully the show's vids are available.

    2. 1st one sounds like Cook Like a Chef with Ned Bell, Oliver Bonacini, Michael Allemeier and a few other chefs, that I don't remember.

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      1. re: lolo

        Yes, that is what I was thinking. There was a woman who was a chef at a Canadian Embassy (?), whom I remember being outstandingly good. And some Spanish Chef who was also quite good. Hmm, Ned Bell before drama of Restaurant Makeover and Michael Bonacini before CityLine.

        1. re: lolo

          That's the one! Good call. It was always a little pretentious, but a good technical show.

          1. re: lolo

            holy cow - you guys nailed them both in like 3 minutes...Ive been searching for months...thanks a ton...

              1. re: magic

                Cook Like A Chef is now airing on Gusto TV...I have PVR'd a ton of episodes...

                1. re: hotcanuck

                  It's a great show.

                  I watched it religiously years ago. YEARS!!!