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Nov 17, 2013 02:12 PM

Pepperplate acting wonky; can you offer backup help?

My favorite recipe app,, is acting a little weird lately. Nothing serious, it's having troubles importing pictures, assigning ingredients to categories, stuff like that.

But it's a very good reminder that I've got nearly 250 recipes all in one place, which place is run and funded by I know not who.

I'd like to scrape the site. According to their FAQ I might be able to do that on my Android device. But I can't find a file in the DCIM directory or anywhere else which looks like it might be the right one.

Can an Android/database/other kind of Wiz help me find the file(s) I need and the best way to extract them to some useable format (csv, plain text, I'll take anything).

Thanks in advance!

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