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Filipino restaurants

Are there any good Filipino restaurants that aren't as far away as Arcadia? I am especially looking for good lechon.

I live on the west side and work in Van Nuys, so within reasonable driving distance of those areas would be best.

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  1. i can't name one but you'd think that there'd be at least one in eagle rock given the high concentration of filipnos (and the seafood city supermarket in the basement of the mall there).

    there *are* a couple of places that specialize in lechon and cater and also possibly deliver. one's in covina, the other in panorama city.

    1. I have heard good things about The Park's Finest in LA, but that's BBQ and I don't think they have lechon.

      There's also DJ Bibingkahan, which is alright.

      The only other restaurant I particularly liked was Magic Wok, but that's all the way in Cerritos.

      Sadly every time I eat at Filipino restaurants I just feel like I would rather eat my mom's home cooking. This was true even when I went to the Philippines and ate over there.

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        DJ Bibingkhan is fucking beyond dope but then again you won't be able to eat for the next month or so.

      2. LA Rose Cafe near Kaiser on Sunset is not too bad. Not really the westside but if you're out there, its not too bad and a bit americanized with nice decoration, good service, etc. There are a few filipino restaurants (maybe 1 or 2) on Venice Blvd in Culver City but they're pretty forgettable.

        There are a few restaurants in Panorama City by the Island Pacific Mall. Pinoy Pinay is a steam table setup up, but for me it was probably the best of the ones out there.

        Doubt you'll find good lechon outside of catering of an entire pig though.

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          How do u cater A whole pig? How much where? Maybe I can get a pig delivered in time for Monday night football

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            Strongly recommend LA Rose - they have lechon on weekends, and if you want a particularly excellent Filipino dinner then call owner Lem in advance and he will set you up. I sent someone who was Filipino there and she liked it so much that she went back with the whole family - even her mother who had never liked any Filipino restaurant in LA approved of it.

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              How's Kalye Hits in Studio City ?

          2. There was a thread on lechon not too long ago:


            The Grill House in Granada Hills is pretty good. They have a milkfish sissig that I like. I also mentioned Oi Asian Fusion in another thread. They're in Reseda. The dishes seem mostly Filipino - pork adobo and the like, and are quite delicious. Then there's White Rabbit fusion tacos on Winnetka.

            1. Thanks, all. Sadly, my mom is not Filipino and I can't buy a whole pig, so it's a restaurant or nothing. Unless someone else's mom wants to cook for me. ;)

              I guess I need to suck it up and drive.

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                My mom does sell homemade ensemada and food for the gods, but I don't think that's what you had in mind =)

              2. Has anhyone hit up Kalye Hits yet ?

                Any word ?

                1. Good luck on the Westside. I'm half-Filipino and never found any in the years I lived over there. In fact decent Filipino restaurants are hard to come by. It seems like most are the point-point heatlamp places which are all about cheap.
                  Barrio Fiesta in Glendale is ok. Max's used to be much better than it is now. There's a place called L.A. Rose near Vermont & Fountain that has some good stuff, but they are mostly an American spot with some Filipino dishes. Manila Sunset is edible but not that good. I've yet to try DJ Babingkahan
                  My favorite place for Filipino food is a drive, down in Cerritos, called Salo Salo. They have some other branches out east but Cerritos is the only one I've tried.

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                    Agree with john Gonzales. There was a point a couple years ago when it seemed that every Mexican restaurant was all cheap tacos, enchiladas, and burritos swimming in grease and slathered in that red sauce and sprinkled with a pinch of cheese. Now one can find many places that serve higher quality -and more authentic- Mexican food .

                    I'm thinking that now it's time someone did the same with Filipino food....hint,hint! Sige na!.....and extra points for having it on the westside, where I live, too :)

                  2. Is there a good Filipino restaurant in Arcadia?

                    1. Yes to salo salo in walnut. Also try Gerry's grill in Cerritos. LA rose is okay.

                      1. We live on the Westside and drive down to Carson for Filipino food. Easier drive than Arcadia or West Covina.

                        Manila Lechon is pretty good for a turo-turo joint. They also have a good selection of roasted and fried meats with lechon, bulaklak, etc.

                        Tony's bbq and bibingkinitan in the same center as DJ does a solid version of Filipino bbq on the skewers and grilled chicken. Also their homemade atchara. Get some bibingka, order ahead if you want the ube version.

                        1. Anyone tried Kalye Hits on Cahuenga ?????


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                              It is very good, and far and away the most pleasant atmosphere, much like someone's living room. The owner Len is a great host and if you call in advance and ask him to create a menu, you will get fine food and personal attention.