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Nov 17, 2013 01:46 PM

How to use bourbon?

My husband was given a bottle of Michter's and that's how he discovered he doesn't like bourbon. I don't really drink so I'm not interested in it either.

How can I use it in cooking? We wouldn't want the flavor to be too front-and-center but are open to a background note.

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  1. You know, there are recipes on the Michter website. The obvious bourbon balls come first, but there are others.

    1. Sometimes Non Bourbon folks like the taste when used in sweeter applications
      Ham Glaze
      Sweet Potato Pie
      Candied Sweet Potatoes
      Fruit Cake
      Bread Pudding
      In brines for Pork or Turkey
      In Pâté instead of Cognac or Brandy

      1. a splash added to any kind of chocolate batter.

        1. Bourbon balls taste strongly of bourbon - probably not the best for your purposes.

          Make some into homemade vanilla (just add vanilla beans and wait about 8 weeks, shaking weekly). I usually use vodka for this, but have often seen bourbon suggested as an alternative.

          Use 1 - 2 T. along with butter and brown sugar as a finishing sauce for skillet-toasted corn - "Drunken Corn".

          Bourbon-butter-eggs cooked sauce to serve over bread pudding.

          Derby pie is one example of chocolate/bourbon combination (along with walnuts or pecans). One recipe is

          1. Chocolate whiskey cake. NYTimes, Melissa Clark.

            People went crazy when I served this w/tart berry sauce.

            or you can send unwanted whiskey to me. please.