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Jun 20, 2005 05:46 PM

T&S Seafood

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I ate there last Friday for dinner. Had egg rolls which were very good, decent fried rice. The two entrees we tried were Mongolian Beef and Sauteed Scallops and Shrimp. The scallops and shrimp were awesome. Mongolian beef was okay, but you can definitely find better.

Was wondering if you all had any recommendations for dishes at this place?


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    Brian Lindauer

    Everything I had at dim sum was great. For dinner, the best thing was the salt and pepper shrimp. We also ordered the hot pot with chicken and salt fish, but it turned out to be mostly tofu.


    1. Last time I went, the sizzling beef with black pepper was really a standout (that may not be the exact name on the menu, but it was close to that).

      Time before that the singapore noodles with shrimp were really good. Shrimp was very fresh.

      I've been dying to try their weekend dim sum. Do they do the carts on both saturday and sunday? Do you need a reservation?

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        You don't need a reservation for Dim Sum, and I'm pretty sure that they are open both weekend days. There is a curry calimari on the dim sum menu that is very good - overall, it is a little dumpling oriented, and the waitstaff don't offer gringos all of the offerings. You have to specifically ask for some chicken feet.

        My favorite dishes at dinner are the razor clams, when they have them, the whole dungeness crab (a deal at $18), S&P shrimp, whole roasted tilapia, and many others. It is a seafood place, so that's what you order!

      2. Ate there last night with my son...he did the ordering since he eats there more than i do. As stated, the salt and pepper shrimp is great. Make sure to order it "shell on" which means they don't shell them before frying them. You eat them shell and all and it ads flavor and a little crunch. we also had the black pepper scallops on a sizzling plate. quite nice with big scallops (and quite a few) and a nice pepper bite. We weren't real hungry so that was it. As a note upper lamar is the place to eat late at night since nothing else in town seems to be open. Good selection of Asian/Mexican and Indian all open fairly late.