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Nov 17, 2013 01:13 PM

The Mill NE--First impressions

According to their FB page they are now officially open.

Anyone tried it yet? Their dinner menu seems a little too chef-driven and pricey for that immediate area especially considering that you are eating in a former Porky's :)

I sorely miss their former location (does anyone know whatever happened to that space?) as I have a lot of great memories of weekend brunches in that rustic dining room.

But I'm glad that they are back and will probably tried it out next weekend.

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    1. Ate dinner here one night last week. Food was executed very well, though I cannot disagree that the price points put it in an odd category for that area, however the happy-hour menu ($5 for things like burgers, fish, fries, curds) will appeal to those who may be put off by the entree prices. Regardless, food was very very good. We had the HH burgers, scallops, arugula salad, cod, & fries. The drinks are a bit spendy considering the fluid/ice volume of the barware IMO. Beer selection is very good. We wanted to go for breakfast yesterday, however they do not serve until 10am (impossible with kids), so we went to Hazel's...which was packed @ 830.

      Interior space still needs some work to warm up (being in the California Building probably made putting art on the walls in the old location rather easy), but it's nice and it's clean.

      Service was a bit slow...had to ask for another drink twice despite having empty glasses in front of me. Recognized a couple people from the old location (and several from Sample Room), so I am sure they will get it together.

      It has been said of John (of John & Jennifer) from the California building (Mandy's landlords in the old space) is not terribly easy to work put it mildly. Our understanding from neighborhood meetings is that they were working together to update the space so that the kitchen was attached and included better ventilation, something fell apart, now it sits vacant. Steven Brown looked at the location, that fell through. Last we heard a husband/wife team were looking at it, but that was 4 months ago and the building has not changed since.

      1. Probably going to check this out next week. We stopped in briefly last night to pick up a gift certificate which they oddly don't sell. Perhaps that's something they missed?