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Chocolate store near Morgan Library / Penn Station

I want to buy a gift for a relative I will see on Saturday. Ideally, I can make the purchase after I visit the Morgan (36th & Madison) and head to Penn Station. I'm thinking of a box of chocolates (where you select the pieces, as opposed to prepackaged), though I'm open to other ideas as long as there's a reasonable shelf life, i.e., not something that has to be eaten within two days. I guess I was thinking of ~$25 to $35 in price, though I'm not fixed on that.


Edit: I'd like to get something somewhat *special* as this will be a birthday gift.

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  1. Hmmm. So between 36th and 34th, between 8th and Madison? Really seems like a chocolate truffles/fancy chocolates/etc dead zone to me.

    If you're willing to go a bit out of your way, Kee's Chocolates Midtown West location at 315 West 39th Street is open until 5pm on Saturdays.

    Nunu Chocolates (and Macaron Parlour, and Stuffed Artisan Cannolis) all have stands at the new Broadway Bites (similar to Mad Sq Eats) market. That's kind of closer to Penn Station but obviously the options are not as nice as a Kee's or La Maison du Chocolat.

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      Thanks, kathryn! Kee's is a great idea. I've only read 'Hounds' rave reviews of her chocolates, and up until just now I never even knew Kee was a she. That could actually be a nice aspect for this particular relative.

      Still open to ideas in case others have recommendations, but Kee's would probably work out fine. Thanks again.

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        Your best bet is Kee's for a high end, sold by the piece candy shop. Kathryn gave you good advice. You can stop by the Broadway Bites concessions for an alternative option, and I'll add around the corner from the Kee's is Bryant Park's holiday marke and I think there's a shop with chocolates just off of Koreatown but you're not going to beat Nunu's or Kee's.

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        +1 Kee's Chocolates are phenomenal.

      3. You can go up to GCT for LiLac, but they are not close to how delicious and special Kee's are IMO.

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          GCT would be fine, though in that case we would probably stop off on our way to the Morgan, rather than after. As you indicated, though, Kee's seems like a superior option to LiLac.

        2. A short walk north of the Morgan will be Leonidas. Or do a zig zag tour down to Eataly-that way you can work of some calories from the pieces I know you will have for yourself!

          1. There's also a Neuhaus boutique tucked in the SW corner of GCT, just inside that street-level door.

            1. I think the best place for you would be the new 2beans. It's right on Park Avenue and 40th Street, so a little out of your way but not by much. They carry chocolate from all over including Chocolat Moderne (which is the best IMO) Vosges, Christopher Elbow, etc. You can get a ton of different kinds all in one spot.

              1. Okay, my plans may change somewhat but I'm so hooked on the idea of Kee's that, if Saturday doesn't work out as described, maybe I'll just hit the Thompson Street location Friday after work instead.

                The online chocolates menu is rather overwhelming. Personally, I love dark chocolate but I'm not sure of the gift recipient's preferences. Regardless, I'm hoping to get some recommendations from 'hounds on what to try or possibly avoid; at $2.50 a pop I want to select wisely!

                I think I'll steer clear of the ones with peppercorns and maybe even herbs as well as the one with earl grey tea leaves. I've had Richart on a few occasions (years ago) and definitely didn't care for the herb aspect.

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                  Note also that they won't necessarily have every flavor available when you're there.

                  Are yuzu and passion fruit too out there for the recipient?

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                    Nope, I think yuzu and passion fruit would be fine.

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                    My favorite flavor is kaffir lime, it has a clear and sharp citrus flavor. I've eaten a lot of chocolates from many different chocolatiers, and her kaffir lime is really exceptional.

                    If you want safer flavors, champagne is excellent, coconut truffles, crystalized almond, tiramisu, smoked salt, balsamic, hazelnut praline.

                    I wouldn't get creme brulee because it won't keep for more than 1-2 days.

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                      I think Kee's more interesting flavors are on the subtle side, and some of what she does best. For very traditional chocolates, city wide, you might have got some different suggestions. Li-Lac would suit your tastes pretty well.

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                        Yeah, I've bought stuff like the chocolate covered marshmallow and / or caramel at Li-Lac and enjoyed them.

                        I do like the idea of balsamic and also maybe smoked salt.

                        Will they provide a card that described the different chocolate varieties or will I just have to direct my relative to the internet for details?

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                          They do not provide a chocolate map, which is annoying. I've actually suggested it more than once. You can print out a copy off their website which would be really considerate. It's always better to have a map so you can plan the order you devour the chocolates.

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                            Thank you -- I'll report back on my selections!

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                            The smoked salt is one of the signatures, and one that used to come up a lot when the shop first gained a rep. It's get a really unique flavor, so it's hard to guess if it's for you.

                            Expect a tiny shop, with jewelery case of small chocolates, and the selection isn't as big as other shops. Everything is made very small batch with attention to detail.

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                              Wow, a great description. Now, I'm really intrigued. Okay, I'm not expecting super-sized stuff, but do I need to prepare myself for tiny, tiny chocolates at $2.50 a pop?

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                                Yes. They're pretty tiny. Not Pez dispenser sized tiny, but smaller than a Godiva, Russel Stover sort of chocolate. Maybe half the size.