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Does Anyone Else Crave the Taste of Bottled Water?

Okay, so yeah, weird question but I just came in from a run and was thinking of it. All I want right now is a cold bottled water and I'm out. I have a filtered water dispenser in my fridge, but there is just a unique taste of bottled water that I somehow crave. Am I crazy? Does anyone else get a bottled water craving?

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  1. Not regular Poland Spring water, but I do crave fizzy mineral waters such as Pellegrino.

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        I do enjoy sparkling water of all varieties as long as they are plain.

        I want to squeeze in my own fruit. No artificial flavors please.

      2. Just the opposite--I don't like the flatness of bottled water. Just don't get the craze for it (I'll refrain from my environmental waste rant).

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          To the waste aspect, when I do have bottled water on hand, I try to only drink it maybe 50% of the time, since I know it's wasteful and like I said, I have filtered water from the fridge. I also will recycle my bottles and refill them.

        2. None of these responses is helping in my feeling crazy for this feeling. Best I accept it, I suppose.

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            In my hammock, I do get cravings for a cold mug of beer.

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              veggo: are we going to start on this line?
              if so, keep an alagash ready for me.

          2. I dunno about a "craving", but at my office, we have both a fridge with filtered water, and the big "water cooler" type water. I prefer the water cooler water.

            1. It could easily come from the fact (if it is indeed a fact) that you live in a city with crappy tap water which causes you to crave the better tasting bottled water. I never really craved water until I moved to northern Maine to live with my then-girlfriend-now-wife who owned a house in the country with a well and a sweet water aquifer. Now I not only drink water all the time but I crave it sometimes!!

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                But the only tap water I ever drink is filtered. For the record, I don't think it tastes bad. I can definitely tell a difference between it and non-filtered tap water that I sometimes have to drink at other people's houses. But there is a difference in taste between my filtered water and the bottled water I buy (which is usually just Deer Park or Nestlé brand, nothing fancy), and sometimes I prefer the bottled taste. and like I said, even crave it.

              2. Not unless it's carbonated. Bottled flat water is terrible. All of it. (I live in an area with excellent tap water; if I lived in other parts of the USA, I might think differently.)

                1. not bottled water really... but I have this glass water bottle that i keep in the fridge with little butterflies etched on it and sometimes after school I can not wait to get home and gurggle the whole thing down..water taste so good from it..

                  same with crushed ice and this colored alumnium cup set from the 1950s my mom bought for a party

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                    "this colored alumnium cup set from the 1950s my mom bought for a party"

                    OMG yes! I recently purchased a set and they are not the same. The aluminum is thinner and the set I have lacks that little flare at the top.

                    I have a couple of Kleen Kanteens at our cottage that were purchased because of a cat that liked to drink out of our glasses at night. I swear the water from them tastes better (something about the combo of the metal and the cold transfer on my lips) but my husband hates them and says the water tastes funny.

                    Like others mentioned, I don't crave flat water but do crave fizzy mineral water.

                  2. I crave cold water constantly. I don't detect much of a taste difference between bottled and tap though.

                    1. Of course I do.

                      Living in LA, with some of the worst water coming out of the pipes, I go through bottled water like crazy.
                      I have it delivered and I drink it from bottles in the car.
                      Where I live it's hard, hard, hard.
                      All around I hate it and I have my favorite bottled water that I drink.
                      Pellegrino, liter bottled cases of it per month, with several lime trees in my garden to top it off with.

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                        Not only is the water bad but, after the Northridge earthquake in '94, we were told not to drink the water at all unless boiled and bleached. It was bottled spring water for us from that time on. For me, there is a noticeable difference between tap (even filtered and purified) and spring water.

                      2. Just any bottled water? Some of them taste too "sweet" or flat to me....mostly bottled spring waters like Poland Spring.

                        The processed filtered hoodoo-guru'd waters like Dasani and Aqua fina taste more refreshing, somehow...I drink these at work, because our water filtration system is awful.

                        At home, I drink it right out of the tap. Yummy yummy Merrimack river water. Or for fizz, wee bottle of Pellegrino.

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                          Well, I obviously haven't had every brand of bottled water, nor do I remember every branc I've had and what I thought of it, but I can say I do not like Dasani. It's been a while since I've had it, so I can't provide much of a description as to why I don't, unfortunately. I've heard of other people not liking it as well, though, so I know I'm not alone in this. Off the top of my head I know I like Deer Park, Nestlé, and Aquafina.

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                            Dasani tastes sweet to me. Aquafina tastes like vitamins. Deer park and Kirkland taste like nothing. Never had nestle. Poland spring tastes... good.

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                              Nestlé tastes very similar to Deer Park, so it would be a nothing for you, as well.

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                                Disani & Aquafina have a strange after taste for me. Much prefer Poland Springs for bottled water. I find our local tap water to be far superior to either of the two. If faced with a choice only between Disani or Aquafina, I'd do without.

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                                  Dasani tastes like the plastic bottle it comes in to me

                                2. re: SaraAshley

                                  Dansani is produced by Coca Cola Co.
                                  they use municipal water and filter it, then add their own recipe of flavorings/minerals

                                  Aquafina is made by pepsico

                              2. Yes! Fiji water, especially a nice cold bottle.

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                                  I bought a 6pack of Fiji once because I wanted the rectangular shape for the ice water in my small cooler, so as to fit my lunch sandwich, fruit, and snack into it. After I'd drunk the Fiji I froze tap water in the bottles. I noticed that when I first froze them, unopened, there were more air bubbles than in frozen tap water, and the very core of the Fiji water remained unfrozen, no matter how long the bottle was in the freezer. This was strange. As for flavor, I certainly detected no difference.

                                  I'd love to see how those who claim filtered water and spring water taste different would perform on blind taste testing. I also suspect that drinking from the bottle has a hard-wired if subconscious appeal that may explain some people's preference for bottled water.

                                  Excluding municipal water from badly-maintained systems, the only time I recall water having a specific taste was on a childhood trip to the Catskills, where we stayed with people who had their own well and called its contents "lime water". It was a little sweet, perhaps minty. Terrific.

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                                    Somewhat off topic, but a friend tried this taste test with me with sour cream. He didn't think I could tell the difference between real and fake sour cream. I distinguished correctly about 5 times before he gave up

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                                      I'm almost certain I'd be able to tell a difference. Maybe not as easily between water filtered at home and bottled water, but certainly between bottled water and non-filtered city or well water. I really don't like regular tap water and can distinguish it pretty easily.

                                  2. Never. I dislike like it and pretty much refuse to buy it.
                                    Best water I ever had was running off a rock coming from a natural spring. We filled our water bottles at Tumbling Run and I've always wanted to go back and drink more of that cool, clean water.

                                    My husband doesn't hike though and I am too chicken to go alone.

                                    1. Yes, sometimes I crave very mineral-tasting commercial bottled water like Pelligrino, Gerolsteiner and even Perrier.
                                      I just like the taste of that kind of water.

                                      1. For me, it's simply the bottle (16 oz PET). I keep two refiils in the frig and drink from them throughout the day. The same tap water from a glass / cup oddly has much less appeal / is just not as desirable.

                                        To drink water from a glass (primarily with meals), I now add a twist of lime.

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                                          i, too, like drinking water that has been refrigerated in an individual-sized container.

                                          my favorite containers at the moment are the little glass bottles that are used for the starbucks frappacinos.
                                          the necks of those little bottles are large enough so that i can wash the bottle easily in my dishwasher.

                                        2. if the water is bottled in glass, although i might not crave it, i will enjoy it.
                                          if the water comes from a plastic container, i can't stand it.

                                          once i was dining in a high-end restaurant that served bottled water gratis whenever "plain" water was requested.
                                          even though i didn't see the actual plastic bottle, i could clearly taste the plastic and sent it back.

                                          another restaurant has a RO filter system, but they used to decant the filtered water into plastic bottles, thereby ruining the water.
                                          because, in part, of my complaints, they'v e changed their system to decanting the water into glass bottles.

                                          1. This is kind of strange question, because scientifically one of the properties of clean water is that it is tasteless. So what is there to crave? You only would crave it, if you were thirsty.

                                            That being said, I prefer the taste of certain bottled waters, because they taste better than our tap water, and I believe it's healthier. But crave it, no? I crave chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, not bottled water. One of the worst tasting bottled waters on the market to me is Evian. It's also one of the most expensive bottled waters sold. It's no surprise to me what Evian spells in reverse.

                                            All of these people that claim there is no difference between tap water and bottled water are just weird. For instance which bottled water companies add chlorine to the water?

                                            And from an ecological standpoint, not only do I recycle all of my bottled water and tea containers, but I also recycle others. So I don't waste or pollute with the plastic, if anything I help clean it up. I'm just one person but if everyone did the same we wouldn't have these pollution problems

                                            1. I often crave carbonated water which only comes in a bottle. Otherwise tap water works for me, bottles water tastes too clean although you have a point after a hard workout when all I have is bottled it tastes great but then again I'm probably just really thirsty. I might notice less of a difference because I only drink room temperature or warm water but not sure if that would make a huge difference.

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                                                Carbonated water is more thirst quenching than plain flat water because it is acidic.

                                              2. When I was going to one of the Penn State local campuses many years ago they had a particular kind of bottled water in their vending machines - Wissahickon Spring Water, in these squareish, soft plastic, opaque bottles. That stuff was so good, eventually I decided what I was enjoying was the flavor of the plastic leaching into the water. If I took a bottle home and filled it with our well water (also delicious back then, but unfortunately no longer drinkable) and let it sit in the fridge for 2 days, it tasted almost the same. I used to go out of my way and walk halfway across campus to find another vending machine if they were out of water. I'm sure whatever the chemical was, it wasn't good for me. I'm also pretty sure I don't care. It gave the water this delightful slightly sweet flavor with an almost fruity aroma but very subtle.

                                                1. i have no problem with tap water but my spouse will ONLY drink bottled - and only Poland Spring at that. When we were in CA he had a hard time 'cuz Poland Spring isn't sold there (who knew?)

                                                  1. Bottled water is my primary drink. I agree, after a workout I want a cold bottle to chug down.

                                                    1. Every time I turned on the tap in my Jakarta apartment, the odor was 1980s food court. Which is to say, even there, I didn't crave water so much as require it...


                                                      1. Dude you're weird.

                                                        I do however crave another clear beverage that only comes in a bottle, some refer to it as "fire water".

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                                                        1. re: jrvedivici

                                                          Ohhhh well eff you too, Bob!! Yeah, we all know about your vodka and red meat only diet!

                                                          1. Yes, I prefer bottled water to filtered tap water but for conservation reasons I drink the filtered tap water.