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Nov 17, 2013 08:22 AM

Looking for place to buy grate for at home pig roast in Fairfield County

Hi Hounders-
For christmas I want to give my husband everything he needs to do a pig roast next summer. Have read an article which tells me to go to a local metal supply store or place where they make "oil can drums". Before I go crazy, has anyone made a similar expanded metal or metal grate-type sheet for a pig roast? Or can you recommend a place? Can't be galvanized metal. Also a place to buy a pig from? Anywhere from Hartford west.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Try Logan Steel in Meriden.

    1. go to DeMartino Store Fixture on Rt 5 in Wallingford (or any other big restaurant supply house-but DeMartino also sells used equipment) and buy a couple of replacemnt racks for a commercial oven made to hold full size sheet pans.
      These will span the cut drum and be sturdy enough to hold the animal and stand up to the heat. They are coated and clean easily afterwards.

      A for ordering the meat, I'd recommend Ferraro's in New Haven on Grand Avenue.

      I don't use a steel drum for such a roast, but built a brick and block smoker/grill (permanent) in our yard using commercial oven racks as the griling surface. The slats are too far apart for burgers, dogs or wings, but great for 1/2 chickens, turkey 1/4s, briskets, large roasts, forequarters of lamb, etc. I don't cook pork at home.