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Nov 17, 2013 07:24 AM

Chez du Bon Columbus Oh

We're staying a few days in Columbus in December, revisiting some favorites. I've been looking for something new, and this place caught my eye for lunch and a little shopping. Anyone have any views of this place yet? And-how's parking around this area during the week? We stay in German Village, so I'd need to drive there. Thanks for your input.

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  1. It's very new, so I don't know how much luck you'll have here. There was a write-up in Columbus Underground:

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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      Yes, thanks. I actually saw it listed on opentable-no reviews there yet either.
      In researching this place, I came across the story that Bierberg Bakery isn't making Christmas cookies this year...which made me very sad (though it's probably just as well, considering how many I ate last year).

      1. re: David W

        Yes, my spouse and I were very disappointed to hear the news as well. This will only be my second Christmas in the Buckeye state, so I'm happy to get a visit in what looks like its last year of operation.

    2. Just quick updates: there's a new review of Chez du Bon in Columbus Underground. Their reviews tend to be overly positive and cursory, but it should give you a better idea of the menu. If you do make it there, be sure to report back.

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        Thanks for the update-I really like the look of the space(s).
        a lot depends on our weather and how we feel once we arrive-sometimes after a long drive it's just nicer to walk. If we do get there, I will most certainly report back (sometime after Christmas.)

      2. We did stop in on our trip.
        The space is a little odd-when you walk in, there is someone to greet you and direct you. There were some folks seated in a dark area just inside the door. There is also an upstairs space that we didn't see. We were not looking for a full-blown meal at lunch, so chose to head into the bar area.
        There are bar seats and a few high tables in the same area as some of the shopping. The bartender/waiter was cheerful and efficient.
        We had the lobster beignets (3) which were crispy and fairly tasty, though not a lot of lobster. The sauce was good.
        The soup special was a type of potato, which was very nice-not too creamy, but with substance.
        The smoked salmon rillettes had a nice flavor, with a decent amount of salmon on them-there were 4.
        And the chicken/mushroom crepe, with gruyere-nice balance of flavors.
        I'd say the flavoring tends to be on the subtle side, so if you like big tastes, this may not be your place.
        We also had a glass each of wine that I let the bartender pick-he matched the tastes well. $52.89 before tip.
        I'd say it's worthwhile if you are in the area-probably not worth the trip there if you are not. The market has a few items-breads, pastry, meats, soups, dried goods.
        All in all-it doesn't replace Barcelona, Schmidt's, G Michael's, Old Mohawk, Rigsby's, Pistacia Vera, or the North Market.
        I probably won't be back, but if I lived in Columbus I probably would drop in from time to time.
        We had a great time as always-looking forward to our next visit.