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Avoid browned plant-derived foods says the FDA


To avoid acrylamide, FDA is suggesting we avoid browned potatoes or (French Fries should be yellow not brown, and roasted potatoes are presumably a no go), avoid browned toast, browned breadcrumbs, etc.


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    1. 'They are coming after your burnt toast' (misquoting Sen Plagiarize)

      More details in the FDA draft recommendations for manufacturers


      "Acrylamide forms in foods from a chemical reaction between asparagine, an amino acid, and reducing sugars such as glucose and fructose. This reaction is part of the Maillard reaction, which leads to color, flavor, and aroma changes in cooked foods"

      NCI 2008 fact sheet on acrylamide

      NTP document

      Looking at these, I'd say there's nothing really new in the FDA recommendation, except:
      - they finally produced a draft recommendation for manufacturers on how to reduce acrylamide. (note - draft and not binding).
      - some staff writer/editor chose to highlight this in their monthly newsletter.

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        Regarding coffee:
        "Robusta beans have somewhat higher acrylamide levels than arabica beans. Dark roast coffee has less acrylamide than light roast coffee (since acrylamide formed early in roasting is destroyed later in the roasting process). Acrylamide levels in roasted coffee decline during long-term storage"

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          The Maillard reaction, otherwise known as what makes food taste good...

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            Maillard reactions - there are many. All involve (by definition I think) an amino acid and a reducing sugar. The focus here is on one particular amino acid, and its product.

        2. I'll take my chances with the brown

            1. I'm just going to pretend I never read this. Life without browned potatoes would not, IMO, be worth living.

              1. If the FDA wants to help us avoid cancer, they need to ban the pesticides they now are so in favor of. :p

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                  Studies like this:
                  probably are why FDA does not take a blanket approach to pesticides.

                  1. From what I've read, we would need to consume astronomical amounts of acrylamide to develop cancer from it.