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Nov 17, 2013 06:15 AM

Palais Imperial (Chinese food oasis in the West Island desert)

Has anyone tried this spot since it changed hands in December? A highly reliable source tells me the new management is connected to a former partner in the legendary Cuisine Szechuan on Guy. I stopped by to scope it out as I was in the area.

While I understand the menu will continue to feature the Canadian-Chinese staples loved by West Islanders, I'm told everything is made with love AND with the highest quality ingredients. But VERY interestingly, they're doing some szechuan dishes on a special menu. The "sliced fish in tofu flower broth" I used to inhale at Cuisine Szechuan is offered at Palais Imperial as "volcano fish". I live downtown but I'll be making a special trip sometime soon to get my fix. West Island Chowhounders (Uncle Steve, if you're reading this, I'm talking to you), please check it out and report back!

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  1. I been there a few times, food and service is great

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      What would you recommend as best dishes? Last time I went (June 2012) I was less than happy with the meal - but I am always happy to try a new place if owner / chef have changed!

    2. What part of the West Island is it in? (West Island is pretty big area). Thanks.

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        In Kirkland, just off St-Charles blvd(the main street in Kirkland). I think I went there shortly after they first opened years ago(so long ago, I can't remember what I ate & if it was good or not). Wonder if there's enough of Asian population in WI now, so that the Chinese restaurants in WI are not dumbed down to cater to non-Asians.

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          I Googled and found their site:

          Le Palais Impérial

          (514) 426-3888
          120 Rue du Barry Kirkland, QC H9H 4P8

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            Whoups - I was so excited, I forgot to say where it was. Sorry about that!

          2. Just came back from having lunch here. Food was delicious!

            Lunch is a 12.95 tasting type menu (all you can eat) with the usual Canadian-Chinese staples: general tao, black bean everything, orange beef, etc..

            The tom yum soup I started with was delicious: tangy and spicy and filled with vegetables and chicken. Really enjoyed it. The hunan dumplings were a little on the sweet side, but very good. The fried vegetable rolls were perfectly cooked.

            We also had stir fried vegetables with tofu (very good, a little garlicky), black bean fish, and sweet and sour pork, and black pepper chicken with crispy spinach. Everything was very well cooked, well seasoned, came out quick, and was piping hot. Good quality ingredients, and fantastic service. I didn't have a single complaint about any of the food, and will most definitely be going back and I definitely recommend it for Canadian-Chinese food.

            Unfortunately the special menu was not available at lunch, and is only available in the dining room for dinner. Menu items include dumplings with chill sauce, cucumbers with chill sauce, green beens stir friend with chills, volcano beef and chicken, and sweet and sour spare ribs. I think I am missing one or two other items. I will certainly be going back to taste some of these.

            Thank you for letting us know that ownership has changed! Very happy to have gone today.

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              When they first opened I think they already had a tasting type all you can eat menu. So they have continued that.

              Their dishes are not too sweet(eg. black bean fish & black pepper chicken)? I find with tasting Canadian-Chinese dishes in Montreal aimed for non-Asian clientele, it's often too sweet for me.

            2. "A highly reliable source tells me the new management is connected to a former partner in the legendary Cuisine Szechuan on Guy."

              Yes, I finally tried Palais Imperial the other day and one of the guys working the floor confirmed this, he happened to be one of the partners and acknowledged that he was a previous partner at Cuisine Szechuan.

              Tom Yum soup was really good, Mee-Gorang Noodles were unreal. All the plates had a nice kick to them without overdoing it.

              1. Will have to give it another go and not judge by past experiences!