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Nov 17, 2013 03:37 AM

Steak, special dinner in city w/kids

Looking for a place to celebrate my father's 75th birthday with parents, husband and and 2 children (12, 8). Looking for steak, seafood and place that doesn't get too outrageous with the preparation of dishes as kids can be a bit picky. But also want a nice ambiance. Also don't want the standard chain steakhouses like Ruth's Chris, etc. as we've been there and not Italian (gluten allergy). We've thought of Del Friscos, Ocean Prime, Butcher and Singer. Leaning towards Ocean Prime. Others?

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  1. I havent been to Ocean Prime yet but the food has gotten some pretty bad reviews, I think Del Friscos or B&S would be safer choices with the same type of food. Also for a less trendy (and quieter) atmosphere, check out The Prime Rib (technically a chain but a local mid-atlantic one with only three locations).

    BTW Ocean Prime is a part of a large restaurant group out of Columbus Ohio. Of course Del Friscos and B&S are part of large restaurant groups as well.

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      A common business definition for a "chain" is at least 10 branches. Otherwise, we'd be talking about places like Paesano's (3) being chains too.

      Victor Fiorillo had some negative things to say about Ocean Prime:

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        Yeah. Viorillo is a douche whose opinion is usually best ignored, but for a restaurant to know he was a magazine writer and provide such poor service and food speaks a lot and probably means it ought to be avoided.

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          I don't know why they keep opening up steak or fish & steak places like this. Do we really need another one? Soooo boring (not to mention the bad economy).

    2. I believe all the ones you listed are also chains.
      What about Barclay Prime in the Barclay? Gets mostly good reviews.

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        Same restaurant group as butcher and singer.... Not that it's a bad choice.

      2. Thanks to all for your comments. While we are more adventurous and frequent other spots in the city, keeping the kids in mind and doing Del Friscos. And it's a good space for a special occasion meal. Barclay Prime's prices are ridiculous and didn't have anything my 8 year old could pass as a meal.

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          fwiw, (even though you've made the decision), i've had really terrible meals at Del Friscos, which is a genuine chain (although much better at the NYC locations). I think Butcher and Singer is the best steak place in Philly, and is, of course, not a chain.

          1. re: alex1018

            If you read LeBan's review a few years ago, you wouldnt want to walk in the place. Which is a shame, because the space is stunning.

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            Have you ever considered a place that was not strictly a steak place?
            Davios, which is also pretty in design, gets pretty good press and will cater to a child. Their steaks (at least the one I and friends have had) have certainly been up to par.

          3. I'll put in another plug for Butcher & Singer. The food is excellent, and I'm sure the menu could accommodate picky kids (they likely would be willing to adjust something, make a simple burger, etc.). I just love the atmosphere there.

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            1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

              Also check out the sides. Some have great Mac & Cheese that could be just the ticket for the eight-year-old.

              1. re: Misha

                I suspect you might also be able to order lunch items, which include a burger with fries, roast chicken sandwich and a turkey club.

            2. A group of co-workers and I did Ocean Prime for Restaurant Week right after it opened. We thought the space was fantastic, service was great and the food quality was awesome - especially for RW. We were all pleasantly surprised.