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Jun 17, 2005 03:57 PM

Jorge's on Hancock in Austin

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Hey, has anyone eaten here recently? It's on Hancock off Burnet. Looking for good Mexican. Thanks!

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  1. The food is pretty mediocre. The only reason I go there is to sit on the porch, drink some of their potent margaritas (I think that they use everclear, like Baby A's).

    Actually, the only thing I ever order is "Fajitas a la Macho." They are very spice, and pretty good.

    1. Actually, the food is pretty good for regular ol' Tex-Mex. You have to remember that most of the people on this site are food snobs and verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry picky

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        You don't have to be verrrry picky to realize that Jorge's is subpar, even by Tex-Mex standards, which are pretty low in the firt place.

        1. re: rudeboy

          Its been a long time since I tried it, but I agree the food was not very good. Nearby, on Burnet Road, is Curra's. It is a good Mexican restaurant, with an interesting menu, and friendly, inept waitpersons.

          1. re: TravisLeroy

            Curra's was just ok and pretty expensive. For a state employee, Jorge's is affordable. If you think about it, most of the old Austin style Tex-Mex places are pretty similar.

            By the way there is a new Tex-Mex place on Koenig between Grover and Woodrow. Can't think of the name, but it has the regular stuff and some of the real border stuff like pork leg and tongue!

            1. re: beercoop

              It used to be called Iguanas Ranas, but now it has some non-descript name. I had toacos there the other day, including barbacoa, pastor, fajita type beef, and roast chicken. Very good corn tortillas, lots of cilantro and onions. I'd recommend it.

      2. Thanks everyone for the posts. We ended up eating there and it was okay, nothing too great but not bad. I doubt we'll go back anytime soon. Thanks for the suggestion of Cuerra's.

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          Dave Westerberg

          I only went to Jorge's once, and didn't see any reason to go back. I agree that Curra's is better. Elsie's used to be great and not far form Jorge's, but the new location is too loud. Try the Marisco Grill up Burnet across from the Poodle Dog Lounge. At Marisco, I like the Fish Tacos (you only need one!) I have not been in a while (I need to go back!) they were running as a lunch special pretty often. Fish tacos were not on the menu, but they will always make them. Great cheap eats.

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