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Nov 16, 2013 11:15 PM

HElP - Gluten Free Thanksgiving in NYC

Taking wife to NYC for her first time EVER. Arriving Thanksgiving morning and want a relatively traditional Thanksgiving dinner that night. We're staying near Time Square but distance is only relevant to quality. She's gluten free, I'm not...Any suggestions this close GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. Opentable has a list of restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinner and you can sort by who is vegetarian, which usually also means they have gluten free options.

    if you want to spend a lot of money, you can call the really high end places like one of the Jean Georges restaurants. They will usually accommodate any food restrictions.

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      The only place that I have had issues in my 22 year of being GF is at a Jean Georges restaurant. While I know that they are high end, I have found them to be very inflexible.
      Also, vegetarian in no way corresponds to gluten free- pasta is often a substitute.Sorry to sound so negative!
      OK so some suggestions- try Maialino or another Danny Meyer restaurant. Comb the boards for restaurants that serve the kind of meal that you are looking for and ask whether or not they can have a gf option. Marseille is very GF aware, Keens has a great looking menu with lots of GF options. The one question that you would need to confirm if you want turkey is whether they prepare the stuffing in the bird or outside ( my gut <!> says that this will not be an issue).
      I would vote Keens if I was staying in town...

      1. re: carfreeinla

        Most Danny Meyer restaurants are very allergy friendly. But a lot of them close on big holidays as he gives staff the day off. Looks like Maialino and North End Grill are the only ones open but fully booked on OpenTable. Maialino is known for doing gluten free pasta and bread but on their regular menu. Not sure what they'd do for a holiday meal. Call and ask.

    2. When you call the restaurant please mention if she is gluten free (as a dietary restriction) vs celiac- if she is celiac be sure to mention she can't have sauces with flour, soy sauce etc
      Also look at this thread for the rest of your trip here:

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