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I have a great recipe for mini meatballs (baked, not fried) but would like to make them with ground turkey instead of beef. Do I have to make any adjustments to the recipe?

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  1. yes. ground turkey is too dry. you will need to do something to add moisture..maybe use dark meat of the turkey instead of the light? if not you may want to use some water vegtables
    onion, greenpepper, celery.

    1. Add a couple tablespoons worth of oil (less than a quarter cup for sure) to give the extra fat. Or extra veggies, but then you might need another egg to up the binding since veggies don't "stick" like proteins.

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        Yes, you need the added fat. Also check when cooking, they may cook thru faster than the beef

        Or, if your point is to make them low fat braise them in something like tomato sauce

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          ? really I would think they would absorb mositure

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            think of how much liquid they give off when you saute them...

        2. Although I have never made turkey poultryballs, do you think you have adjust the cooking time and temperature?

          1. If you use ground dark Meat Turkey it is very close to the same fat content as regular round Beef 80/20 and you need make no adjustments.

            1. I add grated zucchini or carrot to my turkey meatballs to help w/ the dryness issue.

              Also a recipe for meatballs from Rick Bayless has you combining everything in the food processor, including some chopped up bacon, and it yields some very moist turkey meatballs.

              1. No, because you shouldn't do it to begin with. Ground turkey is not only too dry; to call it bland would be generous. It's tasteless. By the time you add fats like oil or ground sausage or bacon, you may just as well have used beef. At least mix the ground turkey 1:1 with ground chuck, flap meat, or short rib.

                1. There is a lamb meatball recipe that has yogurt in it that very much has held up to using turkey. I think it came from real simple magazine. They are also baked.

                  1. i know its not your question. but i made those meatballs yesterday and they where wonderfull. i used half dark and half light turkey meat