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Any recs for inexpensive wine glasses?

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We just broke yet another of our Spiegelau wine glasses and this is from our second order of them in a couple of years. We don't put them in the dishwasher and we're not brutes, but they just seem to break very easily for us. I need to order new glasses and this time I'd like to go a little less expensive. Not that Spiegelau is really pricey, but if they're going to break anyway, I'd rather buy a whole lot and not sweat it. I just don't want them to be too thick and clunky and, well, really cheap looking. Any suggestions?

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  1. Homegoods or similar...

    1. Our local Costco has been carrying wine glasses. I don't recall the prices but these were in the range that I'd personally shrug and think, "Oh well..." if these broke.

      My son just broke a Spiegelau today, so my next trip to Costco will include a box of those wine glasses.

      1. world market... has party packs of wine glasses very inexpensive. I use them for my catering.

        1. We got 150 wine glasses at world market because both my brothers got married this year. With a coupon & 50% off, they were less than $4 a piece. Great deal

          1. Several threads on the Wine board about all kinds of wine glasses. You might want to look into Tritans, more here with multi-year follow-up,

            1. Yes, we have been using the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte glasses for the last several years. Wine/water @ 17.3 oz. They (for us, anyway) seem to be a good size for both red & white. Mind you, we're not picky. But they have held up pretty well. We've broken a few--after all, they aren't made made out of steel, but pretty durable, and they do go in the dish washer. The only quibble is that if you leave a bit of red in the bottom overnight, which happens quite often in our house, it can settle in there and be a bit hard to scrub out. Probably true of any glass. But generally, we're happy with them and will order more when we break another or two.

              1. Hi, vvv03:

                COSTCO sometimes carries Luigi Bormioli "Symphony" stems, 8 for $24. They have nice thin rims and a good shape. Guaranteed for 400 DW cycles, and very break-resistant.


                1. Ikea for everyday wine glasses--unbeatable.

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                    That's where we get ours. Love 'em.

                  2. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who routinely breaks wineglasses.

                    I got some that I like from Crate & Barrel on the web recently, and you might look there.

                    1. I got a 12 pack of Libbeys at Costco Business Center for about $15 a couple years ago. And strangely enough, right after I bought them, I stopped breaking wine glasses! I run mine through the dishwasher too. They certainly don't look expensive, but they work fine, and don't look terribly cheap to me either.

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                        Maybe the trick is to buy a lifetime supply, and then you stop breaking them. That does fit in with my view of the way things happen.

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                          We have some cheap little tumblers from Ikea with a neat pattern on them. I had a dozen of them for well over a year that we use as daily glasses (and I use for wine most nights). I had family over and 3 of them got broken in strange ways. Went to Ikea the next weekend to buy another few boxes before the pattern got discontinued, and it had been discontinued. :(

                      2. I also scour thrift stores for unusual, pretty barware, from cordial glasses to wine glasses to beer steins. While I've never gotten a whole set, I mix 'em up--guests can more easily identify "their" glass, with no need for those silly wine charms.