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Pierre Gagnaire Paris

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I was browsing in Gagnaire's site and saw many different menus. There is no price for any of them.

There is the lunch menu(115 ) and Le menu esprit, both of them different but with the same amount of dishes etc.

Then there is the degustation(290), the game menu and the a la carte.

Also there is a christmas menu available for the whole december from monday to friday with interesting dishes, and the desserts PG , are now desserts de Noel.

Anyone tried the christmas menu in a previous year? or is this the first time there is a Christmas menu. I have seen Gordon Ramsay at RHR to have festiv menus, but no sample menu on his site.

Estimated price for this?

One last question since I m planning to visit the restaurant. Is it ok to ask for a photo with PG if he is in the restaurant?

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  1. I would also like to know more info on the Christmas menu

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    1. re: lhenry

      The menu is a december special lunch (only) menu; probably the same price as the regular lunch menu.

      It looks really good (foie gras, st-jacques, and poulet de bresse + christmas dessert)

      There's also a december 31st special dinner. (probably in the same range as the regular tasting menu )

      1. re: Maximilien

        I saw in a blog about a meal 5 years ago..(2008) that the christmas lunch menu was at 140 euros while the regular lunch menu was 105.

        The game menu looks really interesting too, but I bet it will be more than the menu degustation.

        1. re: Giannis

          The game menu is an "a la carte" menu; this is what I had a couple years ago.

          Each course is a collection of small plates.

          1. re: Maximilien

            Right,thanks. I was confused maybe because they have it online with options seperated as starters and main course.

            I hope the Menu de Noel is also Gagnaire style.(small plates)

    2. A couple of years ago, I was there for lunch and after Gagnaire walked around the room, I asked the waiter by gestures from afar if he could take a picture of us. He mistook my signaling (or perhaps not) and went to get the chef who was very gracious and sat with us for a picture.