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Jun 16, 2005 04:34 PM

Houston and Hill Country Best Sausage

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Every time I visit Austin, I stop over in Elgin at the Southside BBQ and buy 10 - 15 pounds of their "hot" sausage. Along with their BBQ sausage, brisket, and ribs. On ocassion will stop in Chappel Hill for their sausage.

Southside BBQ sausage, and BBQ brisket, has been an up-and-down affair since they moved from the old downtown Elgin location. I need to find another place, or places, to satisfy my need for great, seasoned sausage.

Any places here in Houston or on the road to-and-beyond Austin that anyone is willing to share?

A plus would include eating good BBQ at whatever is recommended.

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  1. Louie Muellers In Taylor has Jalep Sausage that is great.

    Guys Meat Market sells good Hot Links in Houston.

    Burton Meat Market or sausage market is very good as well.

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    1. re: John Scar

      Luling City Market,either in Luling or on Richmond Ave. in Houston.

      1. re: Tex Nosh

        Most of those mentioned above are the old publicized places but the really good sausage is in Center, TX and Yoakum, TX. I really prefer V & V in Center, TX

      2. re: John Scar

        Well, at least you didn't use "sausage" and "hot links" in the same sentence. They are not the same thing at all. Texas or Louisiana hot links are those smoked "fat weenie" things like Blue Ribbon, Johnsonville and others package for sale in stores. Which is about the only way you're going to get them around here too.
        Hot links may be beef or pork, or both, but I avoid like the plague any that contain mechanically dismembered chicken parts or anything resembling same.
        You can get them at most all barbecue restaurants and a lot of soul food places in SoCal. But here in Texas, forget it. If anybody serves them ready to eat around Houston, by all means, let me know. It's a nuisance thawing out one or two links and firing up the King Kooker on the porch just for myself.

        1. re: Pirate Paul

          Interesting question. You might call Burt's Cajun Meat Market on Lyons. It's a meat market and hot foods deli and I know they have sausage to serve but I've never tried it. Also might try Guy's Meat Market on OST. I'm pretty sure they make hot links but whether it's what they serve on their bbq plates or not I don't know.

          You might post about this on the new Houston board.

          1. re: Pirate Paul

            Hmmm, I love hot links. I got to liking them when I spent some time in NoCal. You could also get some killer garlic sausage sandwiches (hot dog substitute) at the various major- and minor-league ballparks.

            1. re: Pirate Paul

              RE Pirate Paul: "Well, at least you didn't use 'sausage' and 'hot links' in the same sentence. They are not the same thing at all."

              Am I missing something? Are you just being sarcastic? Or are you seriously saying that Texas hot links are not sausage "at all"?

              Because if that's the case, I would wonder if you even know the definition of sausage. Sausage includes everything from Jimmy Dean's plastic tubes to bologna to Oscar Meyer Weiners to Italian salamis to Germany's wursts to Spain and Mexico's chorizos to Elgin's wonderous smoked meat marvels.

              And most definitely includes our ambrosial Texas Hot Links - of which everyone in this state is justifiably proud.

              And to which we can, and do, and will forevermore, even "in the same sentence" refer as "sausage" since that's exactly what hot links are.


              Do I misunderstand you? And if so, what are you talking about?

              1. re: Jaymes

                Jaymes: Good question, and thanks. No I am not being sarcastic. In the broad general sense, yes, they are all some kind of sausage.
                But when you order hot links in California, you get hot links. When you order it in Texas (at any barbecue joint and even most soul food places), you get a cutting from a rope sausage ring. You can see that both ends have been cut, the size is noticeably bigger than a hot link, so is the grind, and they taste nothing alike.
                Guy's Market doesn't have hot links, and I haven't checked the other place yet. I have made my own, as well as andouille, but not everyone is into that. If you want hot links made by somebody else, you have to go to the grocery store and then grill them yourself at home.
                My favorite commercial brands are Blue Ribbon and Johnsonville, both made in Texas, but there are many other good ones (and just as many that are not). Read labels, and insist on pork and/or beef only, not mechanically dismembered chicken parts.

                1. re: Pirate Paul

                  Well, I'll remember that if I'm ever in California ordering hot links.

                  But until then, I believe I'll sashay right into my local Texas 'cue joints and order me up a mess o' hot links.

                  And if the pitmaster seems in need of cheering up, I'll explain to him that he's not allowed to call them that anymore because a feller from California says that's not what they really are.

                  That should give him a big laugh.

            2. re: John Scar

              Mueller's regular sausages are better than the jalapeƱo sausage!

            3. Crosstown in Elgin has a great spicy beef sausage.

              1. I've heard good things about Smolik's in Cuero (including in Robb Walsh's book), but they've been closed every time I've passed through the town (including three or four times this year). If it's not too big a detour off your route, it might be worth checking out. If you do, please report back on it here. (Their web site is linked to below.)



                1. On the topic of hot links, which has come up in this thread, are there any good products at supermarkets? I saw several today, Earl Campbell, James, other names I can't remember. Any of them worth anything? I was at Guy's Meat Mkt the other day but I couldn't get any service at the meat counter without going through the hamburger/bbq plate lunch line and that would have taken about 20 minutes so I just walked out.

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                  1. re: dexmat

                    Dex, please take my word for this... Go to kasper's meat market in Weimer, tx tween houston & San Antonio.
                    get several lbs of the half & half. you'll thank me later.

                    1. re: uncle petey

                      Dear Uncle Petey,

                      I was so glad to see your post. You reference Kasper's but there are many butcher's on the same strip as Kasper's aren't there? I have not been to Weimar in years. The last time there (10 years) asked if they shipped. They did not at that time.

                      My grandma was from Glidden,west of Weimar. When she went home she'd bring back links and links of "Weimar sausage" in her luggage. The large Samsonite suitcase would be full. Those were happy days.
                      I know the butcher's down there are old school, but mail order could not hurt and would make my family happy.

                  2. On a rec on this Board, we stopped in Weimar and bought 10 lbs of Kaspar's sausage. It was 10 times too much. Elgin's Southside Mkt is still the best.

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                    1. re: waistedinkerrville

                      An interesting sausage is at Patek's in Moulton. It's called Suicide Sausage; coarse ground with slivers of hot peppers running through it. Delicious!

                      1. re: waistedinkerrville

                        Just for balance. I havent tried Elgins (but have made a note to do so), but have eaten sausage at quite a few BBQ joints in Texas and elsewhere, and bought sausage wherever I've lived in the US, make my own, and havent had anything close to Kaspars. My folks are from that area and I can say that the quality and taste over was the same the last time I bought there (2008) as when I remember my dad getting sausage there (probably late 50s) That kind of tradition is remarkable IMOP.

                        1. re: waistedinkerrville

                          Just an update, made a trip to the Southside Market on the strength of their reputation. I have to say I had better just a few days earlier at the Salt Lick. Neither even in the same league as Kaspars IMOP. Southside is pretty much like other commercial sausage, tastes like a meat product rather than cured or smoked meat in a casing.