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Nov 16, 2013 03:25 PM

Best fries on the strip?

Where should I look for great fresh never frozen fries in the strip?

What about fresh hot potato chips?

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  1. For the fries, a good contender for the top spot would be at Strip Steak (Mandalay Bay). Amazing what a little duck fat can do in terms of flavor.

      1. +1 on the duck fat fries at Strip Steak.

        My friend, someone I trust, swears by the ones at Holstein's as well.

        1. A bit late but my vote would be OFF the strip at the Renaissance, near the convention center. They have a parmesan truffle frie served in a paper cone that is waaay beyond more-ish. They are a once a year treat. Nothing healthy about them, and they are not greasy.

          1. Do you like sweet potato fries?

            Stripburger- at fashion show- has pretty good ones, they come dusted with sugar and with a BBQ/Mayo fry sauce

            Gordon Ramsay Burgr also has great sweet potato fries- they come with a shaker of vanilla powdered sugar. They also have 2 other kinds of fries with their own dipping saunces