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Best fries on the strip?

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Where should I look for great fresh never frozen fries in the strip?

What about fresh hot potato chips?

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  1. For the fries, a good contender for the top spot would be at Strip Steak (Mandalay Bay). Amazing what a little duck fat can do in terms of flavor.

      1. +1 on the duck fat fries at Strip Steak.

        My friend, someone I trust, swears by the ones at Holstein's as well.


        1. A bit late but my vote would be OFF the strip at the Renaissance, near the convention center. They have a parmesan truffle frie served in a paper cone that is waaay beyond more-ish. They are a once a year treat. Nothing healthy about them, and they are not greasy.

          1. Do you like sweet potato fries?

            Stripburger- at fashion show- has pretty good ones, they come dusted with sugar and with a BBQ/Mayo fry sauce

            Gordon Ramsay Burgr also has great sweet potato fries- they come with a shaker of vanilla powdered sugar. They also have 2 other kinds of fries with their own dipping saunces

            1. Best fries are at Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay (the fat fries not the thin fries...the thin ones don't stay hot long enough). Be sure to get the ketchup/sauce sampler to go with the fries.

              I'm not sure if any of the "Fat Tuesdays" slurp drink locations on the strip are still frying up potato chips, last time I passed one they were selling bags of commercial chips.