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Nov 16, 2013 03:11 PM

rimrock banff,any good food?

got a christmass party there at the end off nov and was wondering about the in house foods.Should i stay or should i go,as in out ,and whats a good alternative?I havent done banff to much so i have no idea

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  1. You weren`t very specific about what type of food you`re looking for in Banff/Rimrock.
    I`ve only stayed at the Rimrock once.....our experience dining at the Primrose was very average. Others have said that Eden is a first class dining experience.
    My wife & I prefer dining at Bison for a great dinner.
    There`s lots of Banff dining info on this site..

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      Yup, Primrose isn't bad, it isn't at all expensive though so for the price it's fine.