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Fat Rice-Wine Pairings

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I'm preparing Fat Rice tonight, from the Bon Appetit published recipe (featuring the dish from the Chicago restaurant.) Any suggestions for wine pairings? Any additional comments/suggestions?

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  1. Also noted in the Home Cooking section where this was posted (along with a link to the recipe):

    The shellfish and curry flavor move me to white wine territory (even though there's chorizo and chicken.) Sparkling wines come to mind (not Champagne), maybe a Vouvray, or a still Chenin Blanc (from either the Loire or South Africa, which makes good versions); Albarino from Spain would be nice and if you're looking to save money, a good Vino Verde from Portugal.

    1. A total no-brainer: riesling and/or alsatian gewurztraminer...


      Riesling and gewurz matche every last one of those ingredients...

      In the rieslings, kabinett or spatlese... they both work splendidly so it's more of a palate thing... would actually be a great meal to serve both so you can compare and contrast... but if I can only choose one would probably go kabinett...

      Also would strongly recommend serving your favorite WHEAT beer (domestic microbrew or a nice german hefe-weizen)... just delicious with these ingredients. But wheat only, it's not going to match an ipa or barleywine...

      enjoy and please report back.

      1. Riesling is what screamed out at me as I read the recipe. Definitely not one of the sweeter ones...