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Fat Rice-Wine Pairings

lawyerbriefs Nov 16, 2013 01:16 PM

I'm preparing Fat Rice tonight, from the Bon Appetit published recipe (featuring the dish from the Chicago restaurant.) Any suggestions for wine pairings? Any additional comments/suggestions?

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  1. penthouse pup RE: lawyerbriefs Nov 16, 2013 01:38 PM

    Also noted in the Home Cooking section where this was posted (along with a link to the recipe):

    The shellfish and curry flavor move me to white wine territory (even though there's chorizo and chicken.) Sparkling wines come to mind (not Champagne), maybe a Vouvray, or a still Chenin Blanc (from either the Loire or South Africa, which makes good versions); Albarino from Spain would be nice and if you're looking to save money, a good Vino Verde from Portugal.

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      TombstoneShadow RE: lawyerbriefs Nov 16, 2013 03:33 PM

      A total no-brainer: riesling and/or alsatian gewurztraminer...


      Riesling and gewurz matche every last one of those ingredients...

      In the rieslings, kabinett or spatlese... they both work splendidly so it's more of a palate thing... would actually be a great meal to serve both so you can compare and contrast... but if I can only choose one would probably go kabinett...

      Also would strongly recommend serving your favorite WHEAT beer (domestic microbrew or a nice german hefe-weizen)... just delicious with these ingredients. But wheat only, it's not going to match an ipa or barleywine...

      enjoy and please report back.

      1. ChefJune RE: lawyerbriefs Nov 19, 2013 12:34 PM

        Riesling is what screamed out at me as I read the recipe. Definitely not one of the sweeter ones...

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