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Nov 16, 2013 12:52 PM

85C Bakery Cafe, Newark report w/ PICS

had to try 85C Bakery Cafe because I love pastries, coffee, grand openings, gotta go! I planned to get up at 6am, but I didn't. Got up late & to 85C by 8:56am Sat 11/16/13 line was about 100 people I don't know. Slow moving line! Don't go unless u have lots of patience.

About 1hr to get to front door, then 1hr inside cuz too many people & slow ass way to pay cuz they wrap in plastic bag each pastry before register.

One door is for Coffee/Cakes - so if you don't want bread u go to the door on the Left. Shorter line. If you want Bread stuff you gotta wait in the longer line to the Right.

Not much selection when you get to the bread line. We all just keep picking up stuff as soon as it came out or looked good. My selection:

Brioche $2 - tasty, soft & slightly crunchy from sugar - not that sweet. Don't miss it, it's behind the register so they get it for you if you don't see it.

Raisin Multigrain $1.25 - long bread, meh.

Berry Multigrain $2.65 - didn't try yet.

Maple brick toast $1.25 - meh

mini apple pie tart $2 - didn't try, was hot when it came out

Chocolate crissant $1.65 - it was small & pretty tasty.

Sea Salt Coffee iced $3.25 - pretty good at the beginning regular taste, then the whipped cream & salt on the bottom was gross!

Cherry puff pastry $2.35 - didn't try yet

Cheese custard tart $3.45 - huge, tasty though

Matcha red bean $2.75 - haven't tried

walnut tart $2.80 - small, haven't tried

Coconut custard roll $2.75 - haven't tried yet

Charge it! $28.15 my total, got my FREE mug. Cute, but worth 2hrs? Not sure. Got my BOGO for Sea Salt Drink! Can use thru 12/31/13!

M-Th 7am-10pm
Fri-Sat 7am-12AM
Sun 8am-10pm

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  1. Did you get the free gift from being one of the first 500 people?

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    1. re: mr_darcy

      No, that was Fri 11/15/13 only, from a Yelper the free gift was keychain & free drink coupon(s). I went Sat 11/16/13 if u spend $20 you get the red mug I took pic of & if you buy a Sea Salt Drink you can get FREE coupon for Sea Salt drink next time good thru 12/31/13. That promo still good thru Sun 11/17/13.

    2. How's the sugar level?

      If there is no wait, how do you stack them against Paris Baguette, or Tartine, B Patisserie?

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      1. re: ckshen

        stuff isn't very sweet. Haven't tried Paris Baguette. It's an Asian bakery like Shen Kee I would say a bit better. Worth going maybe because it's closer than LA.

        More taste I tried from my purchase Sat:

        Berry walnut bread - it's ok, has some raisins & walnuts, soft bread.

        walnut tart - just a bunch of walnut w/ the cookie crust - meh

        cherry puff pastry - it was an impulse buy, not really a fan of puff pastry & the cherry was just goopy & average.

        So far my favorites:
        cheese custard tart

        Want to try:
        milk pudding bun
        mochi egg tart

        85C Bakery Cafe
        35201-V Newark Blvd, Newark

        M-Th 7am-10pm
        Fri-Sat 7am-12AM
        Sun 8am-10pm

      2. In my opinion the best items are the taro marble bun and the mochi egg tart. And some of the things that look good aren't, such as their mango bun.

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        1. re: Chandavkl

          The coffee bread and sea salt coffee seem to be their most famous items but you're right the mochi egg tart is great as well.

          Wonder how the quality here stacks up to LA. I used to be a regular at the Irvine location so would like to hear from someone that has tried both.

          1. re: mliew

            Good question. The L.A. area stores apparently now served by a central distribution center. Wonder how they do Newark.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              The Newark location will operate similarly to the Irvine location, in that they are both serving as central kitchens with in house baking facilities.

              There are plans to expand to other locations in the South Bay....they are looking somewhere along Cupertino/Milpitas/San Jose areas, and those will be in some sense serviced by the Newark location (unless they find enough space to house a baking facility). The manager, George, at the Newark branch actually came up from Irvine to man the bakery up here. The bigger problem is that the staff that nailed down the consistency and quality of the Irvine location's offerings didn't seem to have come up or trained the Newark location's staff.

        2. Finally got to try it out - the taro marble bun is pretty good as Chandavki mentioned. I also liked the raisin milk bun a lot. The Portuguese egg custard tart was good but not particularly notable.

          Regardless of the pastry, I think one of the keys is to loiter around until one of the bakers brings out a new batch of something - to die for when they are fresh, warm, and almost gooey.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I was there two weeks ago. The woman guarding the door said the wait is pretty much 1 hour regardless of what time you go, from the time they open early in the morning to closing time. Yaks!! We didn't wait. Will return in 6 months after the hype dies down.

              1. re: tingr

                Oh interesting... we were there a week ago, around dinner time on Saturday night. The wait was maybe 5 minutes to get to the pastries, if that... and maybe another 5 to purchase. But we did go there because we figured it'd be less crowded around dinner time.

                1. re: tingr

                  Haha. May be more than 6 months. The irvine location still has crazy lines. Was at Newark for lunch this week and the line for breads was about 20min.

                  Love the mochi egg tart. Danishes also good, I'm a sucker for the boroh Danish. Also like the garlic and maple brick toasts. To the person who asked about PB, I feel that PB has more of a focus on crossaint / Danish based pastries while 85 has pastries and classic breads.

                  Also, om the sea salt coffee, it's better if you shake it up a bit, to mix it better (to the person who complained about the yuck on the bottom).

                  I love this place and so glad it's close to work.

            2. Do this location have pear juice topped with salty yogurt, or are the drinks more your standard boba stuff and the sea salt iced coffee?

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              1. re: hyperbowler

                Hyperbowler: I didn't notice any pear juice, just the sea salt iced coffee, smoothies, etc.

                3rd visit w/ pics - wait time is a little less Sat afternoon maybe 20-30 min:

                I got:

                Premium milk $1.85 - not the same as Milk Pudding Bun - oops. Premium milk has white chocolate guy told me, which I could have put it back cuz I don't like white chocolate - oh well.

                Taro swirl $1.65- will try soon

                Milk pudding $1.45 - just ok. Cream inside, boring bun.

                Marble taro $2 - ask for it behind Cashier. Huge, inside some taro, not that tasty.

                Mochi egg tart $1.65 - small w/ burnt top. Mochi is above the bottom crust I think, can't really taste it, egg tart is similar to others I've tried.

                Charged my total $11.90.

                1. re: hhc

                  Oh, *that's* the mochi egg tart? Ha... I had and didn't even realize... I thought it was just a normal Portuguese egg tart.