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Nov 16, 2013 11:45 AM

NYE for Family of 4 (2 adult kids) in San Fran

Hi there,
My family and I are going to be doing a road trip through California over the holiday. We will be in San Fran for 3 nights. I am trying to narrow down some restaurants but having difficulty. Especially when it comes to our NYE booking.

We are looking for something lively, fun, modern and delicious, of course. Can be more pricey but doesn't have to be.

We like asian, mexican, american, italian.

Here is what I have read about, and am deciding between and would love a local perspective, or other suggestions:

For NYE:
Foreign Cinema
Boxing Room
E & O

for Jan 1st and 2nd:
Mission Chinese
Sebo Sushi
Buckeye Roadhouse

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My one meal at Foreign Cinema was not very memorable. Everything was ok, but left wondering if there was anything that I would go back for. And the answer was, not really.

    In that same area, I think I would prefer Range. In fact, I know I would prefer Range.

    Enjoy your visit.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Foreign Cinema has been cancelled! I will look into Range, Thank you!

      I have been told about Park Tavern as well, do you think this would make a good NYE spot?

      1. re: anythingasian

        I'm sorry, but I have not been to Park Tavern.

        1. re: anythingasian

          I was going to actually recommend Park Tavern. We went there for NYE one year and it was really fun and festive. Lively crowd, good location (it's a fun neighborhood for NYE).

      2. Sebo is now closed.

        I agree w/ipsedixit about Foreign Cinema... Nothing special. And that's also my personal feeling on Boxing Room.

        Most places have a special NYE prix fixe menu, so beware and make reservations!

        For Jan. 1, a lot of places may be closed, so it's a good idea to have some backups.

        It's been ages since I've been to or thought of E&O. Other alternatives that are more popular these days may be Hakkasan or MY China. Or R&G Lounge, which is much more authentic and delicious imo.

        Italian: La Ciccia, A16, Cotogna.

        Mexican: Nopalito is modern and fun.

        Asian: Hong Kong Lounge II for dim sum or for dinner. It's Hong Kong style modern westernized.

        American: do you like seafood? We have a lot of great seafood places in SF.

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        1. re: bobabear

          Thank you for the heads up about Sebo and Foreign Cinema. I had heard about it through a friend of a friend, but trust your valued opinions more!

          I will look into all of those places you suggested!! Thanks for your help.

          1. re: bobabear

            + 1 Nopalito.

            Also, anythingasian, I like Buckeye from your original list; solid American nothing to over the top.

            Sushi Ran is top notch if you crave sushi and are going to be in/near Sausalito.


            Please give us a trip report; would love to hear what you decide.... and I am going to make note of bobabear's great suggestions above.

            Heading off to New Orleans for my own food-extravaganza this holiday!


          2. I would add Slanted Door. It's upscale Cal-Vietnamese - which you are not likely to find elsewhere - at a lively and fun space on the water. It gets panned on this board some due to its lack of Vietnamese authenticity, but the food is good with great cocktails and wine.


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            1. re: Civil Bear

              My last 2 visits to Slanted Door have been utter disappointments.


              It was nothing like it was 5-6 years ago. Still a nice room, however, and depending on where you're sitting a very nice view of the water.