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Hot Dog hole-in-the-wall's in Boston Metro?

I was in North Adams this past weekend, and had lunch at a place called Jack's Hot Dog Stand.. small place, a few people behind the counter grilling dogs, burgers and steaming the buns. Had a regular dog with mustard and a chili cheese dog. Tasty, inexpensive lunch.

Anything like that in Boston, where you can just get a nice couple of dogs at a counter? I'd like to avoid chains like Spike's as well..

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  1. Yes. Casey's Diner in Natick. The hot dogs are steamed but they are mighty tasty. Casey's is a classic diner and is featured in most books about diners.

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      Ditto on Casey's. I've never been inside but I love stopping at the side window when I'm nearby. Not a super-snappy dog but great flavor. I love the big copper cauldron just inside the window where they cook the dogs and steam the buns.

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        Casey's is good, but if you're in Natick and want a Chicago dog try Spalla's. Head just north of Rt 9 on Main Street (Rt 27). It's on the corner of Rutledge and Rt 27 - on the Rutledge Road facing side.

        Excellent dogs and Chicago beef.

      2. Sullivan's in South Boston.

        And if Natick (per "chuck s" above) counts as "Boston Metro" then Simco's in Mattapan should count as well.

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          That's right.. forgot about Sullivan's, although I think they are closed now through the winter..

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            I read in the December Closings thread that Sullivan's last day this year is December 1st - and 80 cents dogs until then.

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              I think they are half price the last day.

              1. re: trufflehound

                They are half price everyday in Nov. Have been there twice this month.

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            Simco's is way more Boston metro than Natick, but Casey's is worth the trip.

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              Good to know.

              Wasn't really trying to pick a fight. Not a Boston-native and was just unsure of the lay of the land with respect to "Boston Metro".

              (And, yes, I did consult Wiki re: Boston Metro before posting, but still it's not like Wiki is the end-all-be-all ... )

          3. There's a hole in the wall hot dog place in Adams Village now .

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                  Right next door to The Beach House. Across the street from Greenhills.

              1. There's the Scotty Dog in Beverly.

                1. If you're up for a road trip, there is Elvis' Hot Dog Place in Lunenberg.

                  1. It's definitely not Boston metro, but Hot Dog Annie's in Leicester is pretty darn amazing.

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                      Since we're out this way I'll throw in George's Coney Island in Worcester . Bar on one side and really old school booths on the other with lots of names carved in.

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                        Count me in on "Hot Dog Annie's"! Been working in the area lately, and can't resist a dog or 4 and a root beer. Have to have a bag of chips with it also. Been there a long time. First tried them maybe 40 years ago.

                      2. Simco's on the Bridge in Mattapan, Blue Hill Ave. There's another one in Roslindale by American Legion Highway but I've never been to that one.

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                        1. There's always Costco. $1.50 for a ΒΌ lb hotdog and a 20 oz. soda. They have switched to Pepsi though.

                          1. My favorite was the lower level of Filene's Basement, followed by a soft serve cone.

                            1. I noticed my local Hess station store in Waltham has Nathan's dogs 2 for $3. Haven't tried yet. I so miss Nathan's that used to be in local malls.

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                                If it's the Hess on Prospect, I actually looked at those things yesterday, and it appeared they had been rolling for a week or more.

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                                  That's a perfectly sane food to eat! Interesting texture......

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                                      Thanks, Hargau.....glad that *someone* got my joke!

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                                    Yeah, Im not a huge fan of Carl's sandwiches but I think I would go across the street for food before those.

                                    That said, the Thumanns on the top shelf of the meat section of Russo's are excellent .

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                                      I will occasionally eat a hot dog from the Hess station in my neighborhood, which is next to a Spike's Junkyard Dogs. At least a Hess station dog tastes sort of like a hot dog, unlike a dog from Spike's, which tastes like giant flavorless bread.

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                                        Seriously, the bun to dog ratio at Spike's is way off

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                                          Not just the flavorless bread, but the hot dog itself is so farmy/horseblankety/funky (trying to be polite here) tasting.

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                                            I miss the dogs at my neighborhood Spike's, which closed last year. True, the bun was always sort of chunky and overbearing, but the dogs tasted like beef. No whiff of funk or horseblanket.