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Nov 16, 2013 11:05 AM

What Happened To Season 6 Of Cooks Country?

They announced on FaceBook that the new season was starting a couple of months ago. Well on CreateTV they showed the first episode of the new Cooks Country season and that was it. All they show now are older seasons. On my other PBS station they are just showing the older shows. I wonder what happened? It seems strange that they would make a big announcement and then never show the new episodes.

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  1. I saw episode 608 on the schedule today on a Tacoma PBS station.

    0608 Irish Country Cooking Guinness Beef Stew
    Brown Soda Bread All-Purpose Whisks

    The Createtv sched. this month looks like a mix of season 6 and earlier shows

    1. Create does not seem to show the "current" season of PBS cooking shows until the entire season has already aired on the main PBS station in the area.