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Nov 16, 2013 10:31 AM

Thanksgiving in Greenville ( Tues-Friday)

My husband will be in Greenville for Thanksgiving (Tues-Fri) and would like recommendations for traditional & non traditional Thanksgiving (no hotels, please)
The rest of the days, he is interested in ethnic food.We make pizza at our restaurant, so none of that.Right now on his list is: Saigon Fast Food
Mi Kong (this is definite, our old roomates shop)
Cafe Poulusta
Rosalinda Fonda
La Estella
We got this list from old post.Anything to add or take away? He will eat anything and even more so if we can't get it in Charleston.Thanks for any input.

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  1. Which state? There are several towns called Greenville on this board...

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    1. Don't hold back...where do you make pizza in Charleston?

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        Not allowed, per the site posting guidelines.

      2. There's actually a fair number of recent posts about Greenville, such as:

        You can search for others, from reading them it sounds like The Owl is worth checking out. Also, as an FYI, it's Cafe Paulista, which sounds very interesting.

        1. Mekong is fabulous. Complements to your roommate!

          Cafe Paulista ranges from good to a little bland/plain, but it's honest food, worth a shot for lunch.

          Neue Southern food truck is a must. Find them on facebook and make a point to have some of their food and eat it inside The Community Tap where you can get a beer and a table. (unless the weather is park-worthy)

          The Owl, I'm pretty sure is closed pending a location change. double check me on that.

          Tortilla Maria is pretty good and has great healthy juices and smootheis. Sugar and Salt might be worth a try for Columbian. Las Meras Tortas is far as I can tell.

          Swamp Rabbit Grocery has a limited food menu, but everything is tasty. The stecca bread is addictive.

          1. I can't give a very descriptive report because I wasn't there, but he did order most of the menu at all these places.His absolute favorite was Bacon Brothers Pub (unique menu & great Charcuterie), Mi Kong for Vietnamese (solid food and not because Huy's a friend), High Cotton ( for Thanksgiving because he knew the one here is decent & that his mother could get something traditional if she wanted). Schwaben House (excellent German)
            The one place he missed that he most regrets is Fonda Rosalinda, a Mexican place run by a mother & daughter heavy on Southeastern Coastal Mexican Cuisine.He spoke to the owner but they were closed that day.Next time for sure!