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Where do you go for sushi when don't want to spend $60 per person?

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Let's say $25-$30 per person, any decent eats?

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Can get a decent nigiri meal? Not in the mood for chirashi!

        1. re: szw

          I believe their supreme Nigiri sushi platter is about $38-40 now. Still reasonable!

    1. i will probably get raked over the coals for this but.. The Mandarin?? last time i was there i had some nice sushi and sashimi.

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            if you are looking for AYCE, can get better variety/price at a specialized japanese AYCE in Richmond Hill/Markham, like a Hachitaro, Maison du Japan, etc.

            1. re: nogoro

              I was originally thinking of a decent nigiri meal, not AYCE...however sometimes I do have a craving for eating a ton of decent spicy tuna rolls and the like. I haven't had good luck finding decent AYCE ones though...Hachitaro is recommended? Any closer to Toronto/scarborough?

              1. re: szw

                I figure AYCE is a good way to get really full on mediocre sushi. At the price range of $25, if you want higher quality, maybe give up on ambiance? There's been a couple of good comments on CH about sushi930 downtown. It's a Japanese-run takeout place, and I had a fair experience ordering their "sashimi sakura". "Sushi #8" at $21 might be below your target; ordering a "Sushi platter x" for 2 or 3 another option?


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              ^ Helps MBB dish out culinary punishment to youdonut with an additional HUGE, painful rake :-)

            3. wow sushi for lunch (prefer) or dinner if you can't make it during the day

              1. My two favorite places are Michi Cafe in Scarborough and Inatei in Richmond Hill. Also like Aoyama in North York, but they don't open for lunch anymore which is when I usually eat out.

                1. the counter at Taro's Fish if you go early enough, i think it closes at 8pm

                  1. I know that there are some mixed feelings about Sushi Couture but it is my go to place for casual affordable sushi.

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                      Haven;t been back for a while! So, it is still good?!! Do they still have 'exotic fish selection' deliver to them on Thursdays?

                    2. Japango
                      Solo Sushi Ya

                      Sushi930 for takeout.

                      1. What do you guys think of Tatami , Warden and Eglinton?

                        1. My Sushi go-to places are:

                          Zen - Nigiri & Sashimi
                          Cafe Michi - Nigiri & Sashimi
                          Yoshiko - surprisingly good, especially for AYCE, and a great deal, obviously, when compared to the above. Not much ambiance, but quality fish.
                          Matsuda - Also AYCE, solid sushi, not outstanding, plus I am absolutely addicted to their crack-cocaine-basted chicken and beef skewers and big, bouncy fried 'golden shrimp'

                          Anyone been to Sushi on Yonge just below York Mills?

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                          1. re: TorontoTips

                            Went to Sushi on Yonge last month. Will stick with Salmon sushi or Salmon on rice. Cooked food is OK.
                            Kenkou is better for AYCE.

                          2. Zen's sushi lunch special, with 8 pieces of nigiri, costs $16.50, iirc.