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Nov 16, 2013 06:56 AM

Favorite recipes with dried cherries

Hi Hounds,

I've accumulated a few too many bags of dried cherries after several trips to "that state up North" this summer. I've been using them in chicken salad and granola..
Any other favorite uses? Any recipes with dried cherries?

I snack on them plain or in trail mix often, but I'm looking for something a little different.. Particularly something with a nice presentation for company.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Find your favorite biscotti recipe and add them in.

    1. I buy them specifically to make granola. Never really considered much else.

      The one time I used them for something else, it was a pan sauce for venison. Paired really beautifully, but that state policeman doesn't send venison my way that often.

      1. Chocolate chip and dried cherry scones are a nice, indulgent combination.

        The holiday stollen I make calls for dried cherries (it's a bit intense to make just to use them up, though - a several-day-long process). Here's the recipe: - I usually cut back on the ginger a bit

        These mocha-chocolate chip-cranberry cookies are excellent and cherries would probably substitute well for the cranberries.

        I could see using them in a tagine.

        Haven't made this recipe for Persian chicken and saffron rice with dried cherries, but it looks delicious:

        Could also imagine making a sauce/compote out of the cherries soaked in brandy and then simmered, and using it with desserts (vanilla ice cream?


        This thread has a lot of ideas:

        1. Thanks for the great suggestions, and for linking to the older thread, mirima.
          I will take a look!

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            There are lots of cranberry compote recipes that use dried cherries if you google.

          2. Very good reconstituted in Port for a pan sauce for seared duck breast.

            Scones have been mentioned but I like cherries and orange together, too.

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              Cherries and duck are a classic combination and the main reason I keep dried cherries in the house.

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                We had a sour cherry sauce over cheese tonight for dinner. I told my husband the sauce would be fantastic with duck. You can do the same, cook down the cherries and serve warm over your favorite creamy cheese.

                1. re: chefathome

                  I've not yet made this duck recipe but it looks delicious,
                  As you will note, it calls for fresh cherries but I bet you could substitute reconstituted dried.