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Nov 16, 2013 06:26 AM

Food markets near Vicenza

We have rented a house outside Vicenza in May of next year. We are a family group of 10 and this will be our 5th trip to Europe. One of the great successes in these trips are the nightly communal meals we prepare. (cooking facilities are a deciding factor in our selection of accommodations).
I'm looking of any advice regarding food markets near Vicenza .

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  1. Are you asking about weekly outdoor markets or supermarkets/gorcery stores?

    It looks like there is an outdoor market twice a weekly in Vicenza:


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        See if you can find a copy of Fred Plotkin's "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler." In additions to dining establishments, he recommends a good number of markets and food shops throughout Italy.

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          If you are touring in the region, you will likely to have ample opportunities to shop for your supper as you visit the towns in the region. Plotkin's book is a good source of food shopping recommendations. The most recent edition of Plotkin recommends one food shop in Vicenza, Il Ceppo Gastronomico on Corso Palladio, in the Center. We have fond memories of overnighting in Vicenza in 1980 and strolling the central squares during an annual "Mushroom Show" with tables full of porcini, etc on display. There will plenty of fine food shops as well as the weekly market and I am sure, these days many supermarkets.
          Since you will be staying outside Vicenza proper, , you may find something in an outlying town or a suburb that serves your need as well.