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Nov 16, 2013 04:33 AM

hospital food in france

It can't be as bad as hospital food in US, right??? French must serve it with a glass of house wine instead of that horrible beef broth or fake orange juice.

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  1. probably as good (with dietary and health restriction) as school food.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Yes, when I was in the Clinique St George in NIce, the enterprise that prepared the quite good food also did meals for schools (and the prison.)

    2. Actually, hospital food in France is generally quite good -- since by definition you're in the hospital, drug interactions typically preclude a glass of wine, but it's served with mineral water or juice, depending on dietary restrictions.

      But they don't stop eating well just because they're unwell. A small salad, fruit, yogurt, a hunk of fresh baguette, and a wedge of cheese accompany most meals.

      1. I think it varies by hospital and illness. My single experience in Paris was a hospital-mandated overnight after hip-relocation. My fabulous male nurse offered me some potato-leek soup at mid-night. It was lukewarm but tasted divine, probably since it was my first food in 12 hours. Breakfast was ample but perfunctory: oatmeal, yogurt, orange juice, coffee. I was charged 36€ for food at my discharge, a bit much but probably the standard charge regardless of what you had.

        On the other hand, at home, our hospital of choice offers a menu for meals that features both American and Asian dishes. Jook for breakfast! Potstickers for lunch! And, medications allowing, wine with meals.

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          Oh, moan, jook. Makes hospitalization nearly pleasant.
          In my very limited hospital meal experience, I found the food to be freeway cafetaria standard. It was not disgusting. My saintly hubby poo went to a very good nearby traiteur and got me much better food, heated too.

        2. I'm thinking Air France economy.

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          1. re: Busk

            I agree.
            On Cathay Pacific, one can choose Jook for breakfast. Now is that a civilized airline or what.
            (And that jook is better than the jook breakfast served in a "palace" hotel in Paris, according to all.

          2. I've seen worse hospital food here than I've seen in the US. I think you're more likely to get good food here, but it's roughly the same crap as in the US, at least in public hospitals in IdF.

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            1. re: tmso

              my experience was in one of the larger hospitals in the IdF. YMMV

              1. re: sunshine842

                It's good to hear that there's some hope for the food, then. I have fortunately limited experience with hospital food in both countries.