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Hosting a 1st Birthday Party the Sunday after Thanksgiving. What to serve?

After hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday, we are hosting my nephew's first birthday on Sunday--for everyone that will have attended on Thursday, plus an additional 6-10 people or so. I'm stumped as to how to make this "flow". Just keep serving all the Thanksgiving food throughout the weekend, including the Sunday party? Celebratory turkey sandwiches? A completely different menu? Some random combination of all of the above? Help a woman out with some thoughts and ideas, Chow. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, you don't want the Sunday guests to feel like they're eating Thursday's leftovers, so I'd change it up completely.
    If you can't do that, you could repurpose the leftovers in a way that doesn't feel like Thanksgiving dinner.
    What do you usually have leftover that would serve another crowd? If there's lots of turkey, you could make turkey - sweet potato burritos, and change the theme of the meal to Mexican. Make some good beans, maybe some rice and a Texas caviar dip with tortilla chips.

    1. cake and ice cream! Maybe a breakfast cassarole?strata?

      1. I'm going to my niece's 1st birthday the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we're cooking on the grill. I believe a Hello Kitty cake will be involved...

        1. I would do something completely different - by then people will have had two days of repurposed T-day leftovers. My first instinct, in fact, was to say "Pizza!" Are you serving a meal at the party, or just snacks?

          1. What time of day is the birthday party? I'd do something COMPLETELY different.

            1. Something completely different please. I would not appreciate being served food that was four days old. Certainly not at a birthday celebration.

              1. I would skip anything even similar to thanksgiving.

                A taco bar is perfect for a crowd, you can prep all the toppings ahead. Serve with a few salads- one a black bean/onion/corn/bell pepper, and a green salad with cilantro/cucumber/jicama/lime juice/avocado/pumpkin seeds.
                The fresh produce will be welcome after a few days of heavier thanksgiving foods

                1. As a child, I lost my birthday to Santa every year. Please save your nephews birthday from The Big Turkey. Pizza. Burgers. Lasagna. Tacos. Anything but Turkey. It's tough sharing your birthday with The Holiday Season, and chances are your nephew will at times feel his birthday gets overlooked and over shadowed. Start him out right and banish all things Thanksgiving from his big day :)

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                    This! My dad's birthday is December 24 and he's mentioned that, as a kid, relatives would give him a joint Christmas/birthday present and how disappointing that was. We always make a point to have a little family get together with "birthday" stuff- cake and candles, birthday wrapper paper rather than Christmas paper, and so on.

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                      Absolutely. My birthday is during T-giving week most of the time, sometimes right on. For the Sunday after, I love the idea of the tacos, pizza or anything outside of the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving.

                      I usually crave Chinese or Japanese by the end of the weekend, though that might not be practical for a party.

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                        the baby is one. :) he has no real idea that it's thanksgiving or even his birthday.

                        however, i agree with everybody else that the party food should be miles away from whatever was served on thanksgiving. what you serve will totally depend on thursday's menu though! you can make a couple pans of lasagna or ziti or meatballs and freeze them now, but my family thanksgiving usually included lasagna, so no thanks! lol.

                        you can make various quiches and freeze them now.

                        you can put out platters of deli meat with all sorts of breads and traditional toppings.

                        chili, chowder, soup all can be served in a slow-cooker and most made ahead.

                        lamb or beef stew, pulled pork can be made ahead and warmed up party day.

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                      I can relate; my birthday is the first week of December and as a child I always felt cheated. Please do not serve the same foods; do finger foods. There are plenty of ideas online.

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                        Another one who's b-day is around a holiday. Thanksgiving and I dislike turkey. Please sonething completely different. If it is the time of day to grill that would be perfect. OT - DH was saying that he can't remember where he took me last year for my b-day. NOWHERE! There was a T-giving hockey tournament and DS had 2 games that day.

                    3. Mexican? Or, perhaps a pizza bar? Have guests make their own pizza with various ingredients.

                      1. Lasagne. Most people like it, it is not t-day related, filling and easy for a crowd.

                        Bonus that it tastes better when left to sit a day in the fridge.

                        1. Cake and ice cream for the birthday boy.

                          For everyone else, no turkey. After several days of turkey variants, I'm SICK of it. Maybe a leftover slice or 2 of pie or some fruit salad could disappear this way. Extra cheese, nuts, crudite could be repurposed, but otherwise, something new and fresh.

                          A lasagna or 3 would work well. You could assemble them now, put them in the freezer (the same spot the turkey might have been in. . .) and pull them out the morning of, ready to bake. Add a nice salad and some garlic bread and yum.

                          1. I love the taco bar idea for the older folks but seems to me to be a little hard for a one year old to deal with. Maybe for any toddlers attending I was thinking a mac and cheese bar. Have a few mix-ins they can add at will, hamburger, cut hot dogs, bacon, tuna, etc.

                            1. I really wouldn't want to eat 4 day old leftovers at a party.

                              1. Fondue buffet: cheese course and dessert course. Self serve.